0-G Launch and SpaceLand Announce Signed Partnership for International Zero-Gravity Flight Services in Switzerland, Italy, and Mauritius

Announcement made during the 2022 International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Paris regarding Agreement to Conduct Yearly Consumer Zero-Gravity, Moon-Gravity and Mars-Gravity Parabolic Flights from Switzerland, Italy, and Mauritius Regions

PARIS, Sept. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — 0-G Launch, a Washington DC-based provider of the innovative Space Jet™ horizontal rocket air-launch and high-precision microgravity services aircraft, and SpaceLand™, the 1st non-governmental weightless R&D agency offering space-related educational and training programs, as well as engineering & operational support through its “Centers of Excellence for Microgravity,” today announced their signed agreement to initiate exclusive zero-gravity parabolic flights from Switzerland, Italy, and Mauritius serving STEM user communities and tourists in respective continents, at unprecedented quality vs. cost ratios.

The agreement was announced on 20 September during his speech at the Business Innovation Symposium of the International Astronautical Congress in Paris (F) by Dr. Carlo Viberti, ESA Zero-G Flight Veteran proposed by MIR Corp back in 2000 as history-first private cosmonaut nominee, now President of SpaceLand. As first part of this exclusive agreement, 0-G Launch plans to fly its specially-modified Boeing 757 Space Jet™ to SpaceLand training centers to provide 0-G parabolic flight experiences to consumers and researchers on a yearly recurring basis. SpaceLand will organize all ground-based programs, training and facilities, and 0-G Launch will provide all aircraft-based flight operations.

“We are excited about our partnership with SpaceLand, an international provider of high-quality microgravity training facilities and weightless research program development services for consumers as well as for scientists and high-tech innovators, by offering amazing zero-gravity, Martian-gravity and Lunar-gravity parabolic flight experiences with our Space Jet™ fleet. We envision our first parabolic flights to start in late 2023 in the USA, and thereafter expand to various global locations with the help of our great partners,” said Robert Feierbach, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of 0-G Launch.

“Our game-changing Centers of Excellence in holistic-lifestyle sites will satisfy strong market demand for low-cost access to microgravity. Based on our world records for 0-G STEM R&D with people from 11 to 93 years of age, and also for 100% disabled persons, we follow on our earlier pathfinder missions from the NASA KSC Space-Shuttle Landing Facility with breakthrough techno-testing and human-longevity-extension R&D conducted for a Nobel-Prize-winner. At our SpaceLand Centers, anybody can experience immersive ‘space environments’ with low-gravity ground & underwater facilities and edu-research labs in future-looking habitats designed for Mars, prior to boarding a Space Jet™ microgravity flight at a fraction of current market costs,” said Dr. Carlo Viberti. “We are opening Space for All.

About 0-G Launch

0-G Launch is a Washington DC-based company that offers the Space Jet™ airborne platforms using specially-modified commercial aircraft to provide high-precision microgravity and cost-effective rocket air-launch capabilities to the fast-growing Space industry. Among its services, it will provide microgravity parabolic flights for equipment R&D and testing, astronaut training and consumer flight experiences globally, as well as testing & horizontal air-launch services for orbital rockets and hypersonic vehicle developers, offering the best economics, availability and flexibility in the market. At 0-G Launch, we are “Bringing Earth Closer to Space ©.”

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About SpaceLand

SpaceLand Africa is the only IAF member in the Indian Ocean, expanding the legacy of the Swiss-Italian engineering group SpaceLand™. Since 2002 the consortium designs and implements micro-G-flight-missions for edu-research and techno-innovation, open to everyone. As the only non-U.S. team on the NASA Pathfinder Microgravity Flights in 2005, its SpaceLand Centers are now centralizing all such a know-how and ad-hoc ground & flight services in South of Europe and Mauritius, as presented to the U.N. by a renowned scientist in her role as Head of State. The group has prepared its own underwater camps and flown the world’s oldest zero-G test subject (93-year-old), world’s first 100% disabled woman in weightlessness, and the youngest ever 0-G test subject (11-yr-old Kim Marco Viberti), qualifying biomed hardware for the ISS, including testing for teams led by Levi-Montalcini, Nobel Prize winner for Medicine. Welcome to SpaceLand! 

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