87% of American Adults Says Sustainable Travel is Important According to Survey by The Vacationer for Earth Day 2022

This is 4.65% more people than in last year’s survey. Over 78% would pay more money to lower their carbon footprint when traveling.

DEPTFORD, N.J., April 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A new survey from The Vacationer (https://thevacationer.com/sustainable-travel-survey-2022/) shows that 225 Million American adults (87.32%) say sustainable travel is either somewhat important or very important to them. Nearly 82% say they will make more sustainable (eco-friendly) decisions when planning travel, while more than 78% say they would pay more to lower their carbon footprint. Compared to last year’s survey, Americans are taking sustainable travel more seriously and are willing to spend more money to do their part.

The Vacationer anonymously polled, via SurveyMonkey, 1,096 American adults on March 1, 2022. Results were analyzed by The Vacationer’s Eric Jones, who is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Rowan College South Jersey. The survey was conducted before Earth Day to gauge feelings on sustainable and eco-friendly travel.

Key Stats

More People Than Ever See The Importance in Sustainable Travel

Last year’s sustainable travel survey showed that 82.67% believed sustainable travel was important. This year’s figure shows 87.32%, which is 4.65% more people. Of that figure, 53.10% say it is somewhat important, while 34.22% say it is very important. See last year’s survey here. (https://thevacationer.com/sustainable-travel-survey-2021/)

More People Plan on Making Sustainable Travel Decisions Even if it Inconveniences them

81.57% of American adults plan to make more sustainable (eco-friendly) decisions when planning travel. Of that figure, 29.84% say they will make the decisions regardless if it inconveniences them, while 51.73% will do it only if it does not inconvenience them. Last year’s survey showed 74.85% planned on making more sustainable travel decisions, with 26.55% saying they would do it regardless if it inconveniences them.

More People Are Willing to Spend More Money on Travel to Lower Their Carbon Footprint

Participants were asked how much more would they be willing to spend to lower their carbon footprint on their next trip

$0. — 21.72%
Less than $50. — 33.39%
Between $50 and $250. — 33.21%
Between $250 and $500. — 9.22%
Over $500. — 2.46%

78.28%, or 202 million Americans, are willing to spend more money to travel sustainably. Last year’s survey only showed 71.37% were willing to spend more, so this is a notable increase. Nearly 12% say they are willing to spend $250 or more.

Cost and Convenience Are Still More Important to Most People When Booking Travel

Participants were asked which factor is most important to them when booking a trip

Cost. — 59.58%
Time and Convenience. — 33.58%
Sustainability and Carbon Footprint. — 6.84%

While most people care about sustainable travel, cost and convenience still come first.

Only 18% Believe There Are Enough Sustainable Travel Options

Participants were asked if they think enough sustainable travel options exist when it comes to flights, lodging, and rental cars

Yes. — 18.16%
No. — 37.41%
I do not know. — 44.43%

81.84% either think there are not enough sustainable travel options or simply do not know. Only 18.16% believe there are enough options.

Most Do Not Use Sustainable Travel Filters When Booking

Nearly 2 out of 10 people use sustainable travel filters when booking, while over 80% do not or do not know the filters even exist.

View Full Report for More Data: https://thevacationer.com/sustainable-travel-survey-2022/

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