8Rental Helping Tourism in Europe be Reliable and Affordable

LUXEMBOURG, Nov. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — 8Rental, the Luxembourg-based bus and minibus rental firm is helping breathe new life into Europe’s deflated tourism industry with the promotion of their personalized travel services across the continent.

With the tourism industry still struggling to rebuild itself post-Covid, the ease and dependability of travel between European tourist destinations is going to be key to helping tourism rebuild itself.

By offering reliable access to a comprehensive range of buses, minibuses, and cars with drivers across the entire continent, 8Rental hopes to give European tourism a much-needed boost in the arm.

Casting A Wide Net

With the company managing over 1,400 vehicles — from chauffeured cars to buses — across 240 locations in Europe, 8Rental hopes to provide a convenient choice for tourists.

With the pandemic having seen any number of travel companies fall by the wayside — and with rail and air prices have risen so dramatically — a personalized driver escorting your family and friends from one historic European destination to another is now a relatively affordable choice.

What’s more, with this travel option not depending on ticket availability or timetables, it’s the more convenient as well as comfortable way to see the sights. With the company having offices in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Prague, Barcelona and a host of other popular European destinations, tailor-made itineraries can easily be designed to suit a client’s wishes.

Catering To All Budgets

At 8Rental, it’s not all chauffeur-driven luxury limousines. While they definitely supply that level of service if you desire, they also have an extensive range of alternative options that suit every pocket.

With a modern fleet of vehicles that includes standard cars that seat up to 3 passengers, compact minibuses that seat up to 8, minibuses with a capacity for 19, and buses that can hold a mighty 63, there are any number of ways that families and groups travelling together can make the most of Europe.

Most importantly, whether you’re in a compact minibus, or one of their luxury limousines, all the company’s drivers are ‘professionals in their field who know all the streets of their cities well.’ 

Admittedly, you could rent a car yourself, but then you have to drive it (in a foreign city), park it (in a foreign city), look after it and make sure you haven’t been drinking — which, let’s be honest, doesn’t sound like much of a holiday.

A Comfortable Future

There was a time when air travel was considered a romantic and exciting way to travel — however, you’d probably struggle to find anyone over the age of six who thinks that now.

With personalized service central to the success of most industries these days, travel is no exception. Certainly, 8Rental is in the market to help tourists explore Europe in a more convenient and customer-centric way, hopefully resulting in a resurgence of the tourism industry across the continent.

If you’d like to know more about 8Rental and the travel services they offer, you can contact them here.

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