Absorb a Language While You Sleep

RICHFIELD, Utah, Sept. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — It’s here: effortless foreign languages for everyone through passive absorption with no study needed. Can’t travel? Perk yourself up and be ready by absorbing a language now. Lingua Tovah (lingua means language in Italian and tovah means good in Hebrew) makes it easy with their proprietary system. It’s rooted in moving chi (life force energy) to absorb vocabulary, structure and sounds.

To put it in historical context
Edgar Cayce is considered by many to be the Father of modern holistic medicine. He had a lot to learn so he slept with his head on books. By morning he not only had learned the material but he had memorized it.

Lingua Tovah doesn’t work that fast
It takes about a month to reach basic functional to intermediate fluency level, however no study, repetition or memorization are involved. Greater proficiency comes over time.

What’s needed
All that’s needed is a translation dictionary, perhaps other materials for things like humor and Lingua Tovah’s crystalline marble instrument which is in beta test stage to gather more feedback and further streamline the system. It works with any language from Arabic to Klingon and on to Zulu.

Wrapping up
Wyling Cambrium, the founder of Lingua Tovah, shared “It’s a joy to bring this bridge building tool from our energy workers to the world at a time it is so needed.” This only works on languages. Memorizing dry historical data like the reigns of dead monarchs still requires study. More info is at linguatovah.com.

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