Air Esscentials Launches Pet Preferred Fragrance Line

MIAMI, Oct. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Air Esscentials, innovators in environmental scent delivery systems for the retail, hospitality, entertainment, healthcare, and residential industries, will introduce their first-ever pet line of products. The pet fragrance collection will debut Oct. 24, 2022, with the scents Cuddly Cotton, Puppy Petals, and Fresh Fur-ever.

Never before have pets been more important to their owners’ lives. Pet owners are seeking new approaches for their pets’ care and general lifestyle wellness. The importance of pets to their owners and how they have developed into full-fledged family members are both recognized by Air Esscentials. As a result, the new fragrance line from Air Esscentials places just as much of an emphasis on the welfare of pets as it does on that of the rest of the family.

Air Esscentials has created an entirely new category of pet home care scents that are supported by research and adored by animals. Not only do the smells successfully counteract pet malodor, but they also ensure there are no adverse effects to the behavior or health of pets. This was possible thanks to profound research of pet behavior, proprietary capabilities, knowledgeable resources, and unsurpassed creativity.

The new product line was produced using an evaluated process for identifying the fragrances that pets prefer and dislike. All three of the new collection’s scents were developed utilizing a particular blend of aroma ingredients that have been scientifically proven to be loved by animals. The fragrances were also developed with careful attention for pet owners’ preferred scents.

Air Esscentials is built around the idea that life is better when your surroundings smell amazing. Pets are now guaranteed to be a part of this incredible scenting experience thanks to the introduction of this one-of-a-kind pet fragrance line. The business’s social responsibility extends beyond eco-friendly operations. Air Essentials is committed to generating top-quality and environmentally friendly solutions not just for you but for your pet as well.

For the first time ever, pet owners can choose scented household products with the confidence of knowing the fragrance is safe, pet-friendly and pet preferred!

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