Aircraft Fuel Ignition Mitigation System Manufacturer, Jetaire Group, to Supply INVICTA™ to Prominent Operator in Africa

The leading aircraft fuel tank flammability reduction provider, Jetaire Group, providing cost-effective, maintenance-free solutions to bring commercial aircraft fleets into compliance.

FAYETTEVILLE, Ga., April 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Jetaire Group, a leader in fuel tank safety and airworthiness directive compliance for fuel tank flammability reduction, will now provide their INVICTA™ fuel tank ignition mitigation solution to a leading Boeing 737 operator in Africa. INVICTA™ is the only patented foam-based solution to meet compliance requirements established by the Fuel Tank Flammability Reduction rule. This marks the first operator in Africa to select INVICTA™ as its preferred ignition mitigation means and brings the total to more than sixty-five single-aisle commercial or private Boeing and Airbus fitted with the patented solution.

“Our team is thrilled to have earned the business of one of Africa’s leading Boeing 737 operators, and we look forward to bringing their fleet into compliance ahead of the impending mandatory timeline,” said Jetaire Group CEO, Michael Williams.

Jetaire Group’s aircraft fuel ignition mitigation solution will immediately bring the Boeing 737-800 into compliance ahead of the mandatory timeline. By using INVICTA™, the aircraft will not be susceptible to costly maintenance or aircraft on ground (AOG) scenarios due to non-compliance, and the airline will strengthen their commitment to passenger safety, optimized flight operations and efficient management of the regulatory requirements.

“Jetaire Group has a long history of engineering cost-effective, maintenance-free fuel tank flammability solutions with zero failures to date, which is undoubtedly one of the reasons why our INVICTA™ product was chosen for implementation in this instance,” Williams added.

Achieving fuel tank flammability compliance is a complex process, and Jetaire Group can help ensure compliance with the applicable airworthiness directives and mandates through their INVICTA™ solution. Airlines and leasing companies are working together to identify efficient and fault-free solutions to meet upcoming mandatory compliance requirements, and INVICTA™ provides a solution to meet both of these demands.

About Jetaire Group

Jetaire Group, established in 1984, is a full-service avionics and aircraft engineering firm providing high-quality services to clients in the aviation and aerospace industries. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Jetaire Group specializes in fuel tank safety, ignition mitigation, and FAR 25.981 and FTFR certification that comply with FAA, EASA, ANAC, AFAC & TCCA. With offices and dedicated employees worldwide, we have provided over 150 value-added technical and engineering solutions to customers in over 50 countries.

INVICTA™ is the only patented foam-based solution for the requirements of the fuel tank flammability reduction rule. INVICTA™ brings aircraft into compliance with 25.981 and 121.1117 with minimal downtime.

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