Amsterdam Outshines Tel Aviv in Small Innovation Category; Silicon Valley Dominates Medium Category

BRISBANE, Australia, May 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Amsterdam emerged victorious over Tel Aviv as the world’s most innovative small city, according to the annual Innovation Cities Index Small 200 city rankings, released on Monday by 2ThinkNow. Basel, Frankfurt, and Dusseldorf followed closely behind in the small cities category.

Meanwhile, Silicon Valley comfortably surpassed Berlin, Stockholm, Dubai, and Munich to claim the top spot in the global medium city category. The Innovation Cities Index: Small 200 and Medium 200, which are globally recognized population-adjusted city rankings for innovation, were unveiled.

The rankings utilize the same 162 indicators as the Innovation Cities Index, encompassing various aspects of the cities’ innovation ecosystems. These indicators measure areas such as startups, economic and social indicators, sustainability, walkability, bicycle friendliness, and transportation options.

We wanted to acknowledge the remarkable efforts of trade boards and economic teams in repeatedly winning business over larger cities. Most city rankings are not population-adjusted, and while size does have network effects, these results are intriguing. That’s why we are sharing our research,” said Christopher Hire, Director Data at 2ThinkNow. “

Hire further added, “We particularly felt that small cities with populations under a million were not receiving sufficient recognition for their efforts. Hence, we introduced the Small 200 to assist them in benchmarking their performance better and identifying when they were ‘punching above their weight.'”

Additionally, the rankings for small and mid-size cities in the United States were released on Monday. These rankings exclude the largest metropolises in the country, providing a preferable alternative for innovators who prefer to remain within their state rather than relocating to New York or Chicago.

Honolulu, Albany, Ventura, Albuquerque, and Charleston secured the top positions in the United States Small Scale cities list, representing diverse states. In the U.S. Mid-Size cities category, Miami, Philadelphia, Portland, Austin, and Las Vegas emerged as winners.

The analysts noted that the United States-specific rankings were influenced by cities lack of transportation options and heavy reliance on cars, leading to adjustments in the population cutoff point.

2ThinkNow’s annual rankings are one of the most comprehensive assessments of their kind worldwide. Researchers from over 180 countries rely on results each year. The city rankings provide researchers with a means to evaluate the conditions for innovation. In addition, 2ThinkNow’s algorithmic city rankings enable cities to monitor and enhance their global performance over a decade.

Cities with favorable innovation conditions experience lower unemployment rates, higher incomes, and greater cultural success in attracting talent. Ultimately, higher per capita income can contribute to reduced inequality.

For more information and access to the new city rankings, visit the Innovation Cities Index website.

Innovation Cities™ Index: Small 200 Top 20

  1. Amsterdam
  2. Tel Aviv
  3. Basel
  4. Frankfurt
  5. Düsseldorf
  6. Québec
  7. Rotterdam
  8. Gothenburg
  9. Geneva
  10. Tallinn
  11. Edinburgh
  12. Hamilton
  13. Albany
  14. Malmö
  15. Nuremberg
  16. The Hague
  17. Ventura
  18. Salzburg
  19. Florence
  20. Essen

Innovation Cities™ Index: Medium 200 Top 20

  1. San FranciscoSan Jose
  2. Berlin
  3. Stockholm
  4. Dubai
  5. Munich
  6. Vienna
  7. Seattle
  8. Montréal
  9. Milan
  10. Vancouver
  11. Copenhagen
  12. Miami
  13. Philadelphia
  14. Oslo
  15. OsakaKobe
  16. Dublin
  17. San Diego
  18. Brisbane
  19. Helsinki
  20. Hamburg

Innovation Cities™ Index: USA Small Cities Top 10

  1. Honolulu
  2. Albany
  3. Ventura
  4. Albuquerque
  5. Charleston
  6. Ann Arbor
  7. Allentown
  8. Boulder
  9. Anchorage
  10. Knoxville

Innovation Cities™ Index: USA Mid-size Cities Top 10

  1. Miami
  2. Philadelphia
  3. Portland
  4. Austin
  5. Las Vegas
  6. Newark
  7. Baltimore
  8. Oakland
  9. Orlando
  10. Sacramento

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