Arvie Disrupts Campsite Availability Checkers with Revolutionary “Sold Out Search w/Auto-Book” Feature, Enabling 24/7 Seamless Campsite Reservations

Arvie customers are happy campers thanks to its proprietary Auto- Book service, leaving the competition lagging behind.

CHARLOTTE, N.C., July 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ —  Arvie,, the breakthrough camp-tech startup, has revolutionized the campsite availability checker market with its groundbreaking “Sold Out Search w/Auto-Book” feature.

Using proprietary technology, along with live agents, Arvie enables campers to find and secure reservations at highly sought-after campsites, even when they appear sold out. The innovative Auto-Book feature has garnered widespread acclaim, positioning Arvie as the leading player in the industry while leaving recent new competitors like The Dyrt and Harvest Hosts struggling to keep up.

Happy Campers Embrace Arvie’s Auto Book Technology
Testimonials from delighted Arvie customers highlight the platform’s unique appeal. Rusty Midkiff, a frequent Arvie user, stated in a recent Five Star Google review, “Do you want a website to tell you (and 1000 other campers) when a campsite is available, or do you want the website to book the reservation… the whole point of searching for a campsite is to book a reservation, not just to see what is out there.”

Arvie: Your One-Stop Solution for Campsite Reservations
For as little as $12.50 a month and a seven-day free trial, Arvie’s distinct advantage stems from its comprehensive service approach. Unlike other campsite availability checker sites, Arvie operates as a full-service travel agency for campers, with live agents available 24/7.

This allows Arvie to offer its exclusive “Sold Out Search w/ Auto-Book” feature, ensuring campers have unparalleled access to elusive campsite cancellations. The platform’s efficiency and convenience have made it a game-changer for a fast-growing number of campers.

Unlocking Unprecedented Access to Campsite Reservations
Arvie’s “Sold Out Search w/ Auto-Book” feature offers members the advantage of round-the-clock, year-round campsite reservations. Furthermore, Arvie’s full-service model includes handling modifications and cancellations for any reservations made through the platform, all without any additional booking fees for members.

Arvie: Enhancing the Camper Experience with Advanced Filtering
Arvie’s rise as a prominent player in the camp-tech industry has caught the attention of both seasoned campers and industry experts. The platform’s industry-exclusive features, such as filtering for essential requirements and preferences like site type, rig length, electric service amps, water and sewer availability, and pet preferences, have elevated the user experience. Arvie’s dedication to customer satisfaction sets it apart from the competition with its unwavering 5-star reviews.

Arvie: Your Best Shot to Get the Spot
Mark Petersen, Founder, and CEO of Arvie, expressed his confidence in the platform’s superior value proposition, remarking, “An Arvie SOS Auto-Book text alert contains your actual confirmed Reservation #. Not a single other scanning service offers that.” Our members have shared many stories about getting their Arvie confirmed booking alert when joining the stampede from the Alert sites would have been impossible. That’s why we’re so confident Arvie’s SOS w/ Auto-Book is truly Your Best Shot to get the Spot.”

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