As “Glamping” Trend Explodes, RUNHOOD Power Stations Become a Must-Have for Outdoor Enthusiasts

RUNHOOD’s line of portable, modular power banks, stations, and generators makes it possible to camp in style

WALNUT, Calif., May 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — With camping enjoying record popularity, more and more campers are finding that getting away from it all doesn’t mean you have to leave all the luxuries of home behind.

“Glamping” — a more luxurious form of camping — is trending as vacationers add a touch of glamour to their campsites with movie projectors, stereo systems, string lights, blenders, and electric coolers.

According to The Dyrt’s 2023 Camping Report:

  • 1.7 million Americans plan to “glamp” this season
  • 44 percent of campgrounds that are expanding their operations this year are adding glamping facilities
  • More than 80 million people plan to camp in the United States this year

RUNHOOD’s groundbreaking, modular line of portable power banks, stations, and generators is uniquely designed to accommodate even the most ambitious glampers.

Unlike anything else available on the market, the line is built around swappable batteries. These powerful lithium ion “energy bars” can be inserted into one of RUNHOOD’s power stations to unleash up to 1200 watts of output power. Or the swappable batteries can be used as a single use, mini-power bank on their own by snapping on a small adapter.

With RUNHOOD, the party has endless power because RUNHOOD’s power stations have virtually unlimited energy. The swappable batteries can be changed out on-the-go keeping all of your devices running. This swappable battery feature giving customers endless power is offered exclusively by the RUNHOOD line.

The all-new Rallye 1200 power station includes nine outputs to simultaneously power or charge a variety of devices and appliances, making it ideal to glam up any camp site.

It includes three pure sine AC outlets perfect for even the most sensitive electronic equipment, a carport output, a panel of USB outlets, and a charging plate on the top for smartphones and tablets.

The swappable batteries can be charged through the 400 watt lightning port on the Rallye 1200 in less than an hour. They can also be independently charged directly through USB, a carport adapter, or through a solar panel — all industry exclusive features offered only by the RUNHOOD line.

Newest power station available now through a Kickstarter campaign

The new Rallye 1200 Pro was introduced to the market in April 2023 through a crowdsourced Kickstarter campaign just in time for the 2023 camping season. It will be available soon online and through RUNHOOD’s Amazon store.


RUNHOOD brings to market an industry exclusive line of portable power products built around swappable battery technology. This innovative difference offers customers virtually unlimited extended battery capacity and endless power.

Founded in 2021, RUNHOOD is the winner of a Golden Pin Design Award, a Red Dot Design Award, and the iF Design Award.

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