Awesome Mitten Announces #MIAwesomeList Featuring Hidden Gems Throughout Michigan This Summer

JACKSON, Mich., Feb. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — #MIAwesomeList wants to highlight the best that Michigan has to offer. They plan to include at least one hidden gem from each county on the most comprehensive summer bucket list for Michigan. And they are looking for your help! Anyone can nominate their favorite Michigan hidden gem on the Awesome Mitten website.

#MIAwesomeList is the ultimate summer bucket list in Michigan. It is designed to highlight every corner of Michigan – hidden gems in each of the 83 counties. Nominations could be things to see, explore, or experience. Anything from a restaurant to a trail, from an exhibit to a specific activity.

Each bucket list item on #MIAwesomeList will also include some other fun things in the area so participants can easily plan day trips for the various area activities.

One of the unique elements is that Michiganders get to participate in sharing about their favorite area and helping other people celebrate Michigan!

Nominations are already rolling in. And Awesome Mitten wants to see your ideas!

“The goal of #MIAwesomeList is to get people out enjoying and exploring their big backyard – Michigan!” said one of the owners, Leah Heffner.

Nominations can be submitted on the Awesome Mitten website at from February 4, 2021 through March 5, 2021.

Awesome Mitten is dedicated to Michigan-lovers and creating resources to help them explore the best that Michigan has to offer. Awesome Mitten cultivates a love for and engagement with the places, products, and people unique to the great state of Michigan by providing high-quality content and resources to encourage Michiganders to be a part of their local communities and support small businesses while enjoying our mitten-shaped state to its fullest!

Awesome Mitten will host the #MIAwesomeList  from May 31, 2021 through August 16, 2021.

All are welcome to participate. Registered participants will have opportunities for free swag and to enter for great prizes due to participation.

“It’s an important time for people to get out and not only safely explore their area and their state, but to support Michigan businesses, experiences, and attractions, safely,” added Heffner.

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