BREEZE Travel Super-app Launches New Name and Brand Identity

BREEZE to present in the innovation launch at Phocuswright conference in Barcelona, announcing new partnerships and rapid growth

BARCELONA, Spain, June 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Phocuswright Europe Conference — BREEZE (formerly TRZMO) travel super-app is experiencing tsunami-sized growth propelled by strategic partnerships. Speaking at innovation launch at the Phocuswright Europe travel conference in Barcelona June 12-14, 2024, the company will be showcased as a leading travel innovator.

BREEZE is also announcing a new partnership with Holibob, a B2B marketplace for curated things to do anytime anywhere.  For the first time BREEZE users will now be able to book experiences in the mobile super-app.

Built by travelers, for travelers, BREEZE streamlines everything travelers need in one dashboard, instead of 20 different apps to juggle. “We believe travel experiences should be a breeze, and so should integrations for our partners. We’re proud to have on-boarded partners like Holibob, Celitech, Mobi, withlocals and Wayaz in a record time with our plug and play platform, to make the BREEZE app even more robust and helpful for travelers. We’re continuing to integrate with new partners to ensure our super app remains the industry leader,” said Myank Jain, Founder, and CEO of BREEZE.

BREEZE is available on the Apple App and Google Play store. The app launched in summer of 2022 at the Phocuswright Europe Conference in Amsterdam, NL. A partnership with CELITECH was launched later that year at Phocuswright Global in Phoenix, AZ. CELITECH’s eSIM technology offers international travelers save up to 80 percent on data roaming with world’s most secure eSIMs on Tier 1 Networks including AT&T, Vodafone, Telefonica, Orange, SOC 2 Compliance and 24/7 support.

BREEZE travelers can view flight and hotel details in a single dashboard to get real-time updates, food, weather, ground transportation, loyalty card management, duty-free price comparison, and a journal where they can capture, save and share travel moments, and now book activities & things to do anytime anywhere — all in one super app. Despite major travel innovation, apps have been disjointed and single-purpose. Travelers have been overwhelmed with logistics, overpaying, and struggling to access global roaming, until now.

Following a pre-seed capital raise of USD 1.2M in June 2022, BREEZE’s user base has grown 10x. The company plans for a round of funding in late summer 2023 to continue advancing its AI-driven platform for smooth, sustainable and pleasurable travel.

BREEZE is working with Green Frontier Capital, a $100million fund, to create a Carbon credit Marketplace and offer a carbon credit wallet for every traveler.  The carbon footprint offset can then be redeemed for a branded merchandise or travel activities.

BREEZE is advancing TravelTech, FinTech & GreenTech in one simple to use app.

BREEZE brings travelers and travel companies together for seamless personalized trip discovery and management in one super-app. It delivers global roaming, flight itineraries, ground transportation recommendations and logistics, local weather, time, currency, and duty-free price comparison and more. BREEZE automatically pulls flight itineraries from your calendar, facilitating trip management and real-time notifications with no data entry. Book tours & activities to do anytime, anywhere.  It discovers duty-free prices and offers for products along your route to save time and money. BREEZE also manages loyalty cards, captures video/photo moments from travels, to save in a travel journal in the app or share on other platforms. Follow BREEZE on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.

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Jackie Lucas
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