Cargo is King!

PORTSMOUTH, N.H., Jan. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Before the COVID Crisis, most Americans believed there was no problem with our supply chain. It wasn’t until two years ago, when consumers went to the supermarket and couldn’t find toilet paper, that we all saw a problem with our Supply-Chain, which struggled to keep pace with what people needed. 

The COVID crisis unveiled a weakness in what we thought was a robust Supply-Chain. Unfortunately, long-term solutions have all been ignored and replaced by temporary fixes—and we must simultaneously address both the long and short-term issues. America must deal with not enough cargo airplanes, cargo ships, warehouses, and trucks. Worse of all, we even are dealing with not enough trained Cargo Workers. 

The Pease Development Authority, the PDA, has given East West Aeronautical (EWA) the Right-of-Entry permission to perform an independent survey on a parcel of land called the "North 40 Acres." This access allows EWA to evaluate the property for geographical and geological suitability. The initiative is to build an Air Cargo, and Aviation Complex named the "ACX Project." The ACX Project ( is a joint venture between EWA and Valorev Capital to take advantage of the strategic location of Portsmouth International Airport (formerly Pease Air Force Base), which is perfectly positioned along the international trade routes.

With a discerning eye for the potential, David Scharf, CEO of the Valorev Capital, a partner and project investor, explained, "the airport could be an important conduit for European trade. It is perfectly situated along Interstate I-95, with rail and waterway nearby, allowing cargo to flow from one transportation mode to another."

"ACX will help relieve the nation’s limited freight capacity and reduce inflationary pressures driven by ever-rising warehouse costs and slow freight deliveries afflicting the country’s Supply-Chain," added Valorev’s Capital, managing partner Zakary Levin.

The "Aviation" portion of the ACX Project is an effort to bring aviation technology into the community as a public resource. Once built, the Aviation part of the Complex will work with local schools and colleges to certify air cargo workers to meet the demand for skilled Air Cargo Technicians and Logistic Engineers worldwide. In modern times, Air Cargo Workers are not muscle-bound guys.

Moving cargo today is all about high-tech devices and tools. Highly trained women and men operate heavy cargo equipment, using computer controls to manage mechanical lifters and robots.

The ACX research and development team is working on a "warehouse-flight-line training simulator" program using Virtual Reality algorithms to teach cargo workers’ problem-solving and anticipation skills and increase workers’ situational awareness. 

ACX wants to create reasons for people to come to the airport rather than jumping on an airliner. Project Manager and EWA President Scott Webster says, "The ACX Project is much more than a brick-and-mortar; it is a community asset. We’ve seen the public’s interest in aviation during the airshow last September," said Webster. "Parking reservations and attendance exceeded all expectations, and people had to park at the Fox Run Mall to watch the airshow." 

Captain Eric Robinson, EWA’s CEO and an Air Force veteran, plan to locate an Air Force & Navy Museum on the site (a combination rarely done). The ACX project will show visitors how the boatbuilders from Portsmouth hundreds of years ago contributed to airplane design and construction centuries later–a stunning example of how one technology can advance another.

"ACX is open to aviation ideas from the community—if it can benefit our city and country, we can make it happen," commented Captain Robinson. 

The ACX Project (Air Cargo and Aviation Complex) is a Design and Build project in the midst of a significant capital investment program that includes a series of airport facilities and operations, comprising an Air Cargo Processing Warehouse, Aircraft Research Center, a Multi-Purpose Hangar, and Air Force Museum. These projects include sustainability elements in their design, construction, and operations. For more information, please visit

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