CES 2024 Innovation Awards Selects Alertify as an Honoree

AMSTERDAM, Nov. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Alertify is proud to announce they have been selected as Honoree in CES 2024 Innovation Awards for outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products.

The CES Innovation Awards program is a distinguished competition that commends outstanding achievements in consumer technology design and engineering. Organized by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the awards recognize “Honoree” status as awarded to the top-scoring products in each category.

The program is open to individuals, organizations, or authorized agents that are involved in the manufacture, design, engineering, or promotion of consumer technology products. The recognition serves as a testament to the innovation and excellence exhibited by the Honorees.

The CES Innovation Awards has recognized Alertify for its progressive and impactful room-monitoring solutions. As an Honoree, Alertify joins an elite group of innovators, designers, and engineers who have excelled in their respective product categories. This recognition highlights Alertify’s commitment to advancing the field of property monitoring and management technology. The ability to actively monitor and provide real-time notifications for noise, smoking and unauthorized parties is transforming the way property managers maintain guest satisfaction and security.

Alertify’s innovation offers property managers a tool to mitigate potential disturbances and violations swiftly, preserving a serene environment for guests. It helps in reducing disputes, enhances property security, and ultimately leads to a more positive guest experience.

About Alertify

Alertify helps hotels, property managers and short term rental operators save money and protect themselves from bad guests and tenants. Alertify devices actively monitor for smoking & vaping, noise disturbances, large groups, parties and more. Find out more, or schedule a call with our solutions team at alertify.io. For press inquiries, contact media[at]alertify.io

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