Contactless, Rental Car Delivery is Now Available in Boston with Kyte's East Coast Expansion

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Kyte, the leading app-based car rental delivery company, has officially launched in Boston and surrounding areas, expanding its service to the East Coast. Kyte has been operating in beta in Boston since July and has seen a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 95 with its customer base more than doubling every month. Kyte now has a fleet of 50 cars in Boston and is expanding every week in order to match consumer demand.

Kyte is a platform connecting established rental car company fleets to customers via Kyte Surfers, individuals who deliver and return cars. Users book their rental on Kyte’s app or online portal,, and then the company dispatches a Surfer to deliver a car within an hour window of the time requested. Users are charged a daily rate or can choose more flexible long-term rentals at discounted rates. Kyte’s platform model ensures customers receive the same top-notch vehicles they would expect from name brand rental car companies packaged within an on-demand, digital and contactless experience.

Since the beginning of COVID-19, Kyte has seen its demand increase up to 40% month over month. This is in large part due to the company’s commitment to providing a contactless, entirely digital experience where customers do everything from verifying their driver’s license to signing their rental agreement on their own phone. Kyte enacts a number of extra sanitizing measures following CDC guidelines including sanitizing all interior surfaces before delivery and ensuring all Surfers are equipped with gloves, masks, hand sanitizer, and sanitizing wipes.

Kyte’s delivery feature and seamless verification and booking processes save customers an average of 38 minutes of waiting time when compared to a traditional rental car experience.

“The entire process was so seamless that it almost felt too easy. The two people I interacted with at drop off and pick up were so friendly as well it made the experience that much better” said Kyte customer Esteban Yepez of Cambridge. “The amount of time I saved by not having to go to a car rental site and wait there was great. Especially now during these difficult times, being able to receive my rental at home was so appreciated.” 

With services currently available in San Francisco and Los Angeles, Kyte has seen 45% of revenue come from recurring customers. Given the success in Boston, there are plans to add an additional East Coast city by the end of the year. 

“As a former Boston resident, I know the first-hand effects of limited parking in Boston. It’s also a city surrounded by world class destinations, but you need a car – The Cape, White Mountains, Vineyard, Berkshires… everything is a drive. With Kyte, those places become accessible,” said Kyte Co-founder Francesco Wiedmann.

Kyte has raised $3.5M in pre-seed investment to date and has plans to expand to cities across the U.S. next year.

Kyte aims to replace car ownership by offering access to rental cars on demand. By partnering with large professional fleet owners, Kyte delivers a reliable, mobile-first, hassle-free alternative to car ownership. With key investors and stakeholders from the travel and transportation tech space, along with an ambitious founding team and a robust network of partners in the automotive and rental space, Kyte strives to dramatically decrease car ownership and increase short-term car access for all. Kyte was founded in 2019 by Nikolaus Volk, Ludwig Schoenack, and Francesco Wiedemann and is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Munich. Kyte has raised $3.5M to date and has a fleet of over 500 cars. 
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