Cruise Ship Mingle, an Online Dating Platform for Cruise Hookups and Dating, Is Offering Discreet Services on Cruise Ships Around the World

MIAMI, March 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Online dating platforms have been in existence since the beginning of the internet. They have helped people from all nations find perfect matches, hookups, and dates by registering and searching through the list of users. Cruise Ship Mingle adopts a different approach to dating services. It targets the 30 million people who go on cruise annually by providing a means for them to know each other before the cruise trip starts.

The current market for online dating platforms is saturated, and finding a good place to meet potential dates is almost impossible. People are always unsure how family and friends will react when they meet their dates. So, it is best they meet away from their monitoring gazes. Cruise Ship Mingle offers the perfect platform to meet with potential dates and not worry about people’s opinions. Whether one is a typical cruise goer or not, they can interact with dates and make acquaintances before meeting on cruise trips.

Speaking about how Cruise Ship Mingle came to be, Founder and CEO John Kamau had this to say, "As an avid cruise goer, I have been to more than a dozen cruises and always wanted to connect with people on my cruise, if possible get to know them before I embark on the cruise. But this was impossible as there was no single platform exclusively for that. That is how Cruise Ship Mingle was born. Several studies show that people engage in romantic activities three times more when on vacation than at home. Since cruises provide a more conducive environment for that, as people are together for long with alcohol flowing, chances are even higher."

Cruise Ship Mingle works at member levels. There are three levels on the platform, including free membership, where members access almost 90% of the platform features. Other membership levels are premium and would require upgrades. They include silver membership which allows members to send direct messages to other members, and gold membership, where members can send direct messages and perform live chats.

The platform does not offer recurring membership on its premium plans. Members will have to reauthorize the platform every 30 days to continue as premium members. Cruise Ship Mingle guarantees an amazing experience for cruise-goers, from cruise fun to cruise love to cruise hookup; everything would constitute a seamless dating process.

Furthermore, the Cruise Ship Mingle app is available for download for Android and iOS users. Please visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to get Cruise Ship Mingle and meet prospects going on cruises.

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We are a Dating Platform that specializes in connecting Cruise Goers for Amazing Hookups, Dating, Cruise swinging & other Cruise fun adventures. With an inbuilt massager and Live Chat capability, members can discreetly send and receive messages to and from people they decide to communicate with.

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