#DDAmanda Software Reviewed by Santa Claus

PALM SPRINGS, Calif., Dec. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Santa Claus has notified us that he uses #DDAmanda software when he trades stocks.

Mr. Claus stated, “Reindeer food is costly, and getting more expensive all the time. I generate extra funds to provide food for them. Rudolph is basically a glutton, and it is a relief to now be able to supply him with the exorbitant food he requires. Of course, he does use extra energy to power his Red Nose. DDAmanda has worked very well for me in this regard.”

We were amazed to learn that Mr. Claus uses our software. CEO Hans Brost stated, “It was quite a surprise to us to find out Santa trades stocks, and we are especially pleased that it has enabled him to feed his Reindeer, and especially Rudolph.”

More about #DDAmanda:

The software was recently able to find $COSM (Cosmos Holdings, Inc.) and $GDVM (Global Developments, Inc) before their runs up in price.

The Software consists of 6 packages.

1. DDAmanda.com. Proprietary stock scanning/screening software with rapid due diligence capability.
2. 8KSpy.com. Real-time heuristic scanning of 8K Filings to alert on 8K’s with significant events that could result in price appreciation.
3. DailyListSpy.com. Real-time alerts for changes to the FINRA Daily List.
4. Real-time Social Media Alerts.
5. Real-time Tier Change Alerts.
6. Real-Time Share Structure Changes.

DDAmanda is unique in that it tracks dollars traded for each stock. The database contains 200 days of trading data to provide a detailed history of trading patterns. Users can also calculate how many shares traded at certain price levels within a Date Range.

DDAmanda also uses proprietary indicators such as Drag, which indicates the resistance to stock price movement given the dollars traded activity.
The Factor is another proprietary indicator which correlates Daily Dollars Traded with the 20 Day Average Dollars Traded.

Other features proprietary to the software are ‘Death Drop’ and ‘DropBack’ patterns that users can scan for.

Customary charting indicators such as RSI, MACD, Williams%R, etc can all be used as scanning parameters.

The software also scans for certain candles: Hammer and Inverted Hammer.

One unique aspect of DDAmanda is the ability to predict certain crossovers, such as a MACD Crossover, and Golden Cross crossovers.
The program can predict these days ahead of when they would occur, using the rate of change of charting indicators.

There are 35 pre-populated scans that users can run. Each scan can be customized in a number of ways.

CEO Hans Brost stated: “We are very pleased to offer these cutting-edge tools to the investing and stock trading public. Our flagship product DDAmanda will let you scan for ‘Winning Stocks’ that have a good possibility of significant price appreciation. The software also specializes in finding ‘insider plays.’ Our 8KSpy service has found some major stock runs recently.”

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ABOUT Cabo FTL Systems LC

Cabo FTL Systems LC was founded in 2002 in New Mexico, and specializes in equity trading software for NYSE, NASDAQ and OTC markets. The company has developed https://DDAmanda.com, which uses proprietary scanning software and features a rapid due diligence capability. Additional software is https://8KSpy.com and https://DailyListSpy.com. These alert on significant 8K Filings, and Daily List changes, respectively.


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