Doladira Elevates the Spritz, and Everything Else

Born in the Italian Alps, bottled in Burgundy, France, Meredith Erickson’s rhubarb aperitivo sets the new standard in the category

NEW YORK, Aug. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Sixty percent less sugar. No chemicals or artificial colors. A taste profile that delights professional and home bartenders alike. In a spritz, or on the rocks, Doladira awakens the senses and transports you to the Alps with its rhubarb aperitif. Created by Meredith Erickson, author of Alpine Cooking, and CKBG (Casa Komos Brands Group), Doladira is the new staple for every cocktail bar and restaurant. From brunch hotspots to your favorite hotel bar, from poolside loungers to apr├ęs ski, Doladira elevates cocktails worldwide.

Created in the Italian Alps (Dolomites) and bottled in Burgundy, France, Doladira’s name is derived from the fusion of the Dolomites and enrosadira, the enchanting alpenglow that bathes the peaks in mesmerizing pink hues. Doladira was perfected through a multi-year collaboration between Meredith and CKBG co-founder Richard Betts, to bring an aperitivo that uses only the best ingredients, to elevate any occasion, to the world.

Whether on the rocks, with soda, in a spritz, rossini, or a negroni, the striking deep pink color, resulting from natural ingredients, is a beacon to those that seek quality in what they eat and drink. 

“I created Doladira to have the drink I always wanted but could never find. An aperitivo with real ingredients, less sugar, and a perfect balance of bitterness, acidity, herbaceousness and salinity,” said Meredith. “There is a lot hiding in the mountains, especially if you know where to look. The spirit of alpine cooking is alive in this drink. It’s fresh, fresh, fresh and a happy consequence is that it makes you thirsty for more. This is the culmination of my work in the Alps over the last decade.”

Meredith’s thoughtful blending of rhubarb and alpine botanicals makes an almost indescribable elixir. Plum, gentian, elderflower, pine, and subtle notes of rosemary’s salinity unite, offering an invigorating, herbaceous profile with a smooth texture. Its vibrant color comes naturally from rhubarb and black carrot, avoiding artificial additives. Doladira stands out, creating the best-in-class taste without adding sugar, resulting in 60% less sugar content than is found in the current category leading aperitifs.

“Doladira exceeds our wildest expectations. It’s truly unique, unlike anything else on the market,” said Richard. “Doladira embodies the spirit of culinary adventure and artistry, and we’re incredibly proud to finally be able to introduce it to the world.”



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