Edge of Bliss Launches “Mission: 2.4 in 2024” to Bring 2.4 Million into Currently Open Jobs

Initiative Aimed at Boosting Labor Force Participation Rate to Pre-Pandemic Level

SHERIDAN, Wyo., March 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Edge of Bliss, a leading job search portal dedicated to career changers and others seeking employment through transferable skills, is thrilled to announce the launch of its groundbreaking initiative, Mission: 2.4 in 2024″. This ambitious campaign aims to increase the U.S. labor force participation rate from its current level of 62.5% to its pre-pandemic station of 63.4% by the end of 2024, bringing an additional 2.4 million people into the labor force.

This effort is in direct support of the latest forecast by the National Association for Business Economics, which projects a 2.2% growth in GDP for the year, and underscores the critical role of job growth in economic expansion.

There are currently 8.9 million open jobs across the country, with 5.7 million not in the workforce, but wanting jobs, and another 6.5 million unemployed. This points to a critical disconnect between job seekers and employment opportunities. Edge of Bliss recognizes this jobs-workers gap, and the untapped potential in the non-working population.

These open positions are in varied and essential industries, including 1.6 million in professional and business services; .9 million in federal, state, and local government; .9 million in accommodation and food services; .6 million in manufacturing; .5 million in retail trade; and a staggering 1.9 million in health care and social assistance.

Mission: 2.4 in 2024″ is designed to bridge this gap through innovative, non-traditional, skills-based hiring practices. By focusing on the inherent skills and potential of individuals, rather than traditional career paths or aligned academic credentials, Edge of Bliss aims to unlock new opportunities for career changers, reentrants to the job market, and others who possess valuable skills that are often overlooked in experience-based hiring.

Now more than ever, its crucial that we look beyond conventional job matching techniques and embrace the diverse capabilities of our workforce,” said Jared Allen, CEO of Edge of Bliss. With Mission: 2.4 in 2024, we are not just aiming to boost the labor force participation rate; we are striving to foster a more inclusive and dynamic job market that recognizes and rewards skills, adaptability, and the potential for growth.”

Edge of Blissplatform will serve as the cornerstone of this initiative, offering resources, tools, and support to help job seekers navigate the complexities of the job market, identify transferable skills, and connect with employers who are ready to hire based on the future of work.

Together, we can transform the job market and create a more prosperous future for millions of Americans,” added Allen. Join us on this journey to make Mission: 2.4 in 2024a resounding success.”

For more information about Mission: 2.4 in 2024″ and how you can benefit, visit edgeofbliss.com/mission-24-in-2024.

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Edge of Bliss is a revolutionary job search portal that empowers career changers, job market reentrants, and others seeking employment through transferable skills. By prioritizing skills-based hiring and providing comprehensive support, Edge of Bliss is dedicated to creating a more accessible and equitable job market for all.

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