Embark On a First-of-Its-Kind Luxury Journey to the Arctic This Summer

Expertly led by lifelong Arctic explorers Jón Ólafur Magnússon and John Beatty, Arctic Horizon will take guests on a 21-day adventure to seven, hand-selected, remote destinations on a privately chartered, custom-fitted 757

REYKJAVÍK, Iceland, Jan. 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Carefully designed by the Arctic’s foremost experts and guides, Jón Ólafur Magnússon and John Beatty, The North’s bespoke, three-week Arctic Horizon itinerary promises an unrivaled experience for exploring seven wonders across the Arctic Circle. Venturing into destinations that are often well beyond reach, this intimate, exceptional journey will provide exclusive access to breathtaking landscapes, majestic wildlife and authentic experiences with local indigenous peoples.

As the visionary behind this never-before-seen luxury expedition, native Icelander Jón Ólafur Magnússon considers Arctic Horizon to be the culmination of his life’s work. As a lifelong explorer, he has led and participated in countless adventures across the Arctic, including the North Pole. He also brings more than two decades of destination management expertise through his parent company HL Adventure. Magnússon will be accompanied by a team of Arctic experts, including fellow explorer John Beatty, whose experience includes an ice-crossing expedition to Greenland.

“My vision in creating Arctic Horizon was to make the last frontier accessible to a select few who share my passion and respect for these rarely experienced, untouched regions and to provide a life-changing adventure that does not compromise on service or comfort.”

Itinerary highlights:

Day 1 – Reykjavik, Iceland:
The journey commences in Reykjavik, with its surreal volcanic landscapes, glaciers, waterfalls, and geysers. Guests will be delighted by a bountiful welcome dinner and stay at downtown Reykjavik’s most esteemed hotel, The Reykjavik EDITION.

Days 2 – 3 – Ilulissat, Greenland:
The next morning, the group will board a luxuriously appointed, privately chartered 757 with all lie-flat seats. In Greenland, guests will cruise through majestic icebergs, witness surfacing Humpback whales and enjoy a midnight sunset. A boutique hotel serves as the base for guided explorations of traditional Inuit life, including visits to local handcraft shops.

Days 4 – 6 – Sonora Island, Canada:
The journey continues to the wild Pacific Northwest, with a luxurious hotel as a basecamp for exploring Canada’s ancient rainforest. The pinnacle of this portion of the itinerary will be to experience world-class salmon fishing, wildlife tours and to simply relax in the breathtaking landscape.

Days 7 – 10 – Anchorage, Alaska:
In Alaska the group will partake in grizzly bear watching, rafting on the Upper Spencer River and enjoying a scenic Pacific Railroad journey beneath impressive glaciers.

Champagne Toast Over the North Pole:
An expertly timed mid-flight champagne toast over the North Pole adds a touch of exclusivity.

Days 11 – 13 – Longyearbyen, Svalbard:
Exploration of Svalbard, the most northern community on Earth, will reveal its polar secrets. A welcome drink in the local museum will provide historical context to early Arctic expeditions.

Day 14 – 17 – Alta and Trondheim, Norway:
Northern Norway will offer insights into nomadic culture, including a visit to the Sami community and a beach fire feast featuring the local delicacy, King Crab.

Day 18 – 21 – Reykjavik, Iceland:
Exploring new land formed by a recent volcanic eruption and rejuvenating in geothermal baths at the Blue Lagoon concludes this epic journey. A farewell gala dinner at the Arctic Explorers’ Club’s expedition lodge will mark the end of this adventure and the beginning of new, long-lasting friendships.

The price of $187,000 USD per person (based on double occupancy, with a 10 percent supplement for solo travelers) includes all travel, accommodations, meals, ground transportation, excursions, special events, private access and gratuities.

To book visit www.thenorth.is or contact your travel advisor.

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SOURCE The North by HL Adventure