Fold-N-Pack Launches World’s First Packable Travel Hanger

The Fold-N-Pack’s patented design allows travelers to pack smarter not harder; Users can pack and unpack clothes directly into luggage to save time and reduce wrinkles.

LOS ANGELES, April 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Fold-N-Pack, Inc., a leader in traveling innovation and convenience, today introduced its proprietary and one-of-a-kind invention, the Fold-N-Pack Smart HangerĀ®. This time-saving travel accessory that helps pack and unpack garments easily while reducing wrinkles, is designed to pack clothes into luggage while keeping them perfectly folded, and with reduced wrinkles. 

The product helps save time packing and unpacking by keeping clothing on the foldable hanger during travel. Any garment, such as shirts, pants, suits and dresses are able to be folded into duffel bags, back-packs and standard luggage with ease. Just fold, pack, arrive at the destination, unfold and hang in the closet without wasting precious time.

The Fold-N-Pack Smart Hanger is on sale starting today for $19.99 at Fold-N-Pack and is available for purchase in packs of 1 or 4. Bulk orders are available upon request.

Available in three colors (Jet Black, Metal Gray and Rose Gold), the hangers are lightweight and easy to transport in the car, luggage or anywhere users need to go. The unique and luxurious design gives users an upscale feel to match any wardrobe. The Fold-N-Pack Smart Hanger is made from a durable plastic material that can support the weight of heavier clothing items, including jackets. Its folding mechanism allows it to fold flat when not in use, making it more compact for storage or transport.

“I know a lot of people that love traveling but hate packing and unpacking,” said Vince Zadeh, founder of Fold-N-Pack. “Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, the days of thinking of packing as a chore are over. Fold-N-Pack cuts packing and unpacking time in half; only take clothes off the hanger to wear them. Pack smarter, not harder.”

As an added benefit, those concerned about germs can rest easy. Using a Fold-N-Pack Smart Hanger during travel means not using the dirty hangers in hotels that have been touched by hundreds of other guests and likely never cleaned. To see Fold-N-Pack in action, check out the videos here: Videos I Fold-N-Pack.

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ABOUT Fold-N-Pack

Los-Angeles-based Fold-N-Pack, Inc. has a simple mission – to make traveling a little easier. The company’s first product, the Fold-N-Pack Smart Hanger, allows users to fold, pack, arrive at their destination and hang in style without wasting precious time. Great for suits, slacks, dresses, shirts and delicates, the Fold-N-Pack Smart Hanger is the perfect travel accessory and can even spruce up a closet or store display. More information available at: Fold-N-Pack.

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