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FLORENCE, Italy, April 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — is updating its FAQs service to become a Help Center, with the primary goal of assisting potential travelers in planning their trip to Italy. The Platform already hosts hundreds of answers to the most frequently asked questions about traveling to Italy and insights into the Italian lifestyle. The Help Center is regularly enriched, aiming to keep its content up-to-date with the latest information. Additionally, a chat service is always available to assist travelers by addressing all their doubts before traveling abroad.

Ciao Florence Tours & Travels is the leading inbound tour operator in central Italy, based in Florence Italy, offering customers its knowledge and expertise for all travel solutions. It offers a wide range of services, such as group tours, private tours, and exclusive experiences from the main Italian cities. Providing a diverse array of activities, its catalog includes bus excursions, guided museum tours, bike tours, cooking classes, and more, ensuring that each type of traveler can find the experience that perfectly suits their preferences.

Some of the most searched queries:

What are the safest districts in Italy?
Italy is a really safe country and no specific precautions are required while traveling. Just watch out for pickpockets in the most crowded and touristy neighborhoods or on public transportation. Choose an accommodation in the city center of Rome, Milan, Florence or Naples and avoid the surroundings of railway stations in the major cities.

What to expect from a group tour in the high season?
During Italy’s high season, most big cities can become very crowded and full of many tourists. You should be aware that if for example you visit Cinque Terre during peak season, you will have to walk in large crowds and be on a crowded train. However, you will have the opportunity to meet new people and arrive in one of Italy’s most gorgeous cities. If you want to avoid crowds or big buses, consider private tours with a personal guide who can give you undivided attention.

What is Aperitivo?
Aperitivo is a tradition throughout all of Italy, although it was invented in the North. It takes place from around 6 pm and lasts until around 9 pm, before Italians eat dinner. It includes a drink, usually white wine or a cocktail, and some light food.

Aperitivo is typically 10 to 15 €, including the drink and food. The idea is to start up your metabolism before you eat dinner; however, sometimes there is so much food you can replace dinner with aperitivo. This version is called in fact Aperitivo Cenato.

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