Grab My Bag, Inc. Eliminates Long Waits at Airport Baggage Claim with Its Affordable and Convenient Service for Travelers

ATLANTA, April 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Grab My Bag, Inc. has designed a process to de-crowd baggage claim areas, and streamline the overall baggage claim process for customers, making it easy, efficient, and convenient. They deliver your luggage from the airport baggage claim to your requested destination and offer tracking along the way.

Travelers can book their flight, then “Book-a-GRAB,” land and go; Grab My Bag takes care of the rest!

It’s great for single moms/dads, families, traveling groups, people with mobility challenges, and business professionals. Whether you’re trying to avoid crowds and chaos, and long wait times after a flight, or just ready to hit the beach when you land, Grab My Bag, is the solution to customers’ baggage claim problems.

Affordably priced, “GRAB Packages” start at $35. Customers can quickly and easily book services by providing some essential flight information, and their bags will be grabbed when they land, so they can take off!

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“We’re giving people their time back. We provide a COVID-19 conscious experience, and a helping hand when needed. Grab My Bag is dedicated to removing the stress and hassle from the baggage claim process, and to de-crowding airline carousel areas,” the company said in a statement.

Coronavirus is looming, but with vaccine rollouts across the country, airline travel is on the rise for Summer 2021. Grab My Bag wants a safe baggage claim experience for travelers, airports, and airline personnel, so their goal is to disperse large, lingering, traveling crowds.

“Grab My Bag will create a new norm for the baggage claim process. Our experience is packed (pun intended) with ease, convenience, and efficiency. We look forward to creating (local) job opportunities as we expand to various areas, and as the travel industry blossoms following the pandemic.” – CEO, Grab My Bag, Inc.

Get social with them on their new Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages @grabmybaginc.”

Grab My Bag is hiring “GRAB-bers” to deliver for the Atlanta area. To apply visit https://www.grabmybag/be-a-driver.

About Grab My Bag, Inc.

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, USA, Grab My Bag, Inc. is a new corporation specializing in facilitating the delivery of luggage from the airport baggage claim carousel to customer specified destination.

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