Grab My Bag Offers Transparency in Luggage Delivery Service Straight from Baggage Claim; All Booked by the Customer

Grab My Bag is a customer-first luggage delivery service from airport baggage claim to the traveler’s requested location. They extensively vet their GRAB-bers (luggage couriers) to ensure that luggage is delivered to in a timely manner, and they offer tracking for visibility along the way. Grab My Bag is about accountability and serving the traveler, ensuring delivered luggage will not be making drive-thru stops or shopping detours before it is delivered.

ST. LOUIS, Jan. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Every year approximately 2 million bags are lost by airlines in the US. After landing, there are headaches for millions of travelers waiting on their personal belongings at baggage claim. Where does luggage go after landing? Will it arrive at baggage claim? Will it be lost forever? Will it actually be delivered (in a timely manner), when the airline locates it?

Grab My Bag, a customer-first baggage claim solution, empathizes with the nightmares travelers encounter while trying to get their luggage after landing. They offer care and concern for their customers’ belongings. The traveler-requested luggage delivery service designed their offering with transparency and the traveler experience top-of-mind.

Travelers with a confirmed airline booking can “book a GRAB, land and go,” removing the stressors that come with the airline baggage claim process.

With delivery packages starting at $35, Grab My Bag handles the baggage claim process for you – once you land – inclusive of any lost luggage issues, and immediately delivers retrieved baggage to travelers.

The traveler saves time and gains peace of mind by essentially taking their travel fate into their own hands, booking Grab My Bag directly.

Grab My Bag’s CEO Emory Reignz was riled when she read the CNN story on Valerie Szybala’s horrible lost luggage delivery experience caused by United Airline’s lost luggage delivery vendor.

Reignz said, “I find it extremely disturbing that travelers have to resort to placing tracking devices on their luggage. We trust airlines with our lives when we board a plane; we should be able to trust them to be honest and forthcoming about something simple like the location of delayed or lost bags. Airline luggage delivery vendors holding a traveler’s property for an extended amount of unauthorized time, is unacceptable. Do better.”

When travelers book a GRAB with Grab My Bag, they receive personalized tracking with direct access to live Grab My Bag representatives, and a GRAB-ber strictly dedicated to delivering bags, nothing else. There are no detours – or fast-food drive-thru stops – during their bag delivery, unless it is to deliver another bag along the way. Secured bags are delivered in less than four hours the day your luggage is located.

GRAB-bers undergo a rigorous application process to work with Grab My Bag; interested applicants should click here.

When GRAB-bers apply, if they do not thoroughly follow instructions, they are denied. If they do not meet deadlines set by the company on response times throughout the process, they are denied. Most importantly, if they are not ready to provide an excellent “Grab My Bag-Approved” customer service experience as a GRAB-ber, they are denied.

Reignz said, “We are very serious about our GRAB-ber selection process. We don’t hire people to meet numbers. We hire the people interested in focusing on what the traveler needs, and that’s their bags.”

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Headquartered in St. Louis, MO, USA, Grab My Bag, Inc. is a corporation specializing in facilitating the delivery of luggage from the airport baggage claim carousel to the traveler’s requested location.

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