Grab My Bag’s Convenient Airport Luggage Delivery Service Arrives in St. Louis in Time to Eliminate Travelers’ Long Waits at Airport Baggage Claim

Grab My Bag, is a tech-centric luggage delivery service from airport baggage claim to the traveler’s requested location. Their service eliminates the wait time consumers spend retrieving luggage from the baggage claim carousel – positively disrupting the baggage claim process and decongesting baggage claim areas nationwide.

ST. LOUIS, Dec. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Comfort and convenience: what the baggage claim process is lacking for travelers and as the airline industry might say, where Grab My Bag, Inc.  is taking flight. The destination luggage delivery service allows travelers the opportunity and independence to leave baggage claim behind, and maximize their travel plans instead.

Grab My Bag, a 2022 Arch Grants recipient, now headquartered in St. Louis, MO, is a tech-enabled luggage delivery service from airport baggage claim to the traveler’s requested location.

Airline travelers with a confirmed flight, can now book a “GRAB,” land and go, and have their luggage delivered to their requested location within a 40-mile radius of the airport, starting at only $35.

Grab My Bag is dedicated to de-stressing the baggage claim process for travelers, decongesting airport baggage claim areas, and most importantly, getting travelers their time back. Time was in short supply this holiday season of 2022 as travelers in St. Louis struggled to locate and retrieve their baggage. Customers spent hours waiting in a sea of luggage from flight cancellations due to unsafe travel conditions.

Grab My Bag’s CEO and Founder, Emory Reignz said, “We can’t control the weather or pandemics, but the safety and comfort of the traveler should always come first. We make that our priority.”

Reignz continued, “There’s nothing like knowing you don’t have to deal with the headaches of baggage claim when you land. A baggage claim process that comes to you – offering comfort and peace of mind; that’s what we provide. You get to land and go. We give you your time back.”

The relocation of Grab My Bag’s headquarters to St. Louis, MO is extremely timely, as hundreds of passengers waited hours at the Southwest Airlines terminal at St. Louis Lambert International Airport baggage claim, trying to locate their luggage during the holiday travel week.

Grab My Bag’s official St. Louis Launch is February 14, 2023, but they are already GRAB-bing for travelers that need to book their services; like seniors and persons with disabilities, or families with small children. They hope to use their Valentine’s Day launch to show love and appreciation to their customers and travelers nationwide, as they celebrate the love that both the St. Louis community and Arch Grants has shown them, since their arrival.

Grab My Bag is hiring “GRAB-bers” in St. Louis and nationwide. Interested applicants should click here to submit to become a “GRAB-ber.”

Get social with them on their new Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages: @grabmybaginc.

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Headquartered in St. Louis, MO, USA, Grab My Bag, Inc. is a corporation specializing in facilitating the delivery of luggage from the airport baggage claim carousel to the traveler’s requested location.

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