GuideGeek, Michael Motamedi Team Up for First Travel Show Where AI Calls All the Shots

SAN FRANCISCO, May 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — GuideGeek, the personal AI travel assistant, has partnered with travel influencer Michael Motamedi to produce the first reality show where AI calls all the shots. No Fixed Address is an original web series in which Michael, his wife and 18-month-old daughter will travel the world for more than six months using GuideGeek’s AI travel assistant to make every decision along the way. From what countries to visit, to where to stay and eat, Michael plans to leave it all up to the AI, he announced in a video.

“Everyone knows how difficult and time consuming it is to plan a one-week vacation — nevermind six months — to somewhere you’ve never been,” says Motamedi, who, as the title of his web series indicates, has no permanent home. “The travel, the lodging, the food, the activities, it all takes so much research. GuideGeek handles each of those steps in a matter of seconds, and allows us the flexibility to instantaneously change or alter plans on the fly.”

GuideGeek is a free service built on ChatGPT technology from OpenAI that provides travel recommendations in more than 40 languages customized to the user’s specific needs and interests. Travelers can message GuideGeek from anywhere in the world on WhatsApp, Instagram and other messaging platforms for information on hotels, Airbnbs, restaurants, train schedules and more. The service launched less than two months ago and already has many thousands of active users across 25 countries.

“It’s unbelievably exciting that Michael and his family will be using GuideGeek to plan their lives for basically the rest of this year,” says GuideGeek creator Ross Borden. “GuideGeek has already helped thousands of travelers with their regular vacation plans, but a six-month trek across multiple countries with an 18-month-old is a whole other level! Through watching Michael, people will realize the stunning quickness, breadth of capability and tremendous impact AI will have on the travel industry.”

Michael is the talent in front of the camera, but the weekly videos of his GuideGeek journey will be filmed by his wife, Vanessa Salas, a former producer at Discovery Channel. It gives the series a raw feel with a professional approach. Michael will share his upcoming adventure through his TikTok and Instagram accounts, which receive millions of views each month. Viewers can get a flavor of how this will play out in recent videos shot in Mexico City where Michael used GuideGeek to find speakeasies for a date night and to try CDMX’s famous pastries.

“Someone sent me Michael’s videos from Mexico City and I said to my team, ‘This could be a show!’ We reached out to Michael and he was stoked on the idea,” Borden says. “So off he goes with his little family. We’re really excited to see where they take this technology over the next six months.” GuideGeek plans to broadcast each episode on YouTube and its Instagram channel, which already has 1.3M followers.

“I’m so used to arriving in a new place and spending my time trying to meet people to glean information about the area and what to do,” says Motamedi, who departs on the first leg of the GuideGeek-led trip June 4. “GuideGeek takes care of the planning and logistics, so I can spend my time making friends, learning, and immersing myself in the culture.”

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GuideGeek is the free personal AI travel assistant set to change how we plan and book travel. It can provide customized, niche travel suggestions and build entire itineraries in seconds. As the only travel AI tool with real-time flight integrations, travel trade outlet Skift called it “the most impressive, the most detailed, the most accurate.”

About Michael Motamedi

Michael Motamedi is a chef and marketer on a mission with his family to live life to the fullest. It’s been more than a year since he and his wife Vanessa Salas left their jobs, sold their home and car, and hit the road to explore new cultures, try new foods and build lifelong bonds with people around the world — all while bringing up a child. Michael was a contestant on Season 2 of MasterChef Canada.

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