Happy Tails Travel Aids Pets’ Smooth Move

TUSCON, Ariz., May 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Pets are an essential part of millions of American families who treasure their furry family members. As a fact of life, people move for a variety of reasons, and will not leave their pets behind. Family is forever, pets included!

Many pet owners are in distress as their pets are unable to fly on an airline due to substantial changes in the airline industry for pet friendly flights. The restrictions have increased steadily and now there are very few domestic flight options available for live animals.

For travel within the contiguous United States, there is an alternative to airline travel, which is ground transportation. There are many advantages for pets and their owners that this alterative provides for people moving or adopting a pet. Ground transportation is a door-to-door service, so no family member needs to leave their home on either end. The pet is exposed to only the driver during the transport, unlike air travel where pets are exposed to several people and pets throughout the journey. There are no restrictions on breed, size, or temperatures. One on one care of the pet 24/7 with continuous communication provides peace of mind for the pet’s family.

Although one can drive their own cat or dog, there are many times where it is simply not possible due to logistics, timing, having the correct vehicle, or owner’s preference due to extra stops for dogs or meowing from cats.

A professional long distance pet transport service can help with all of logistics from start to finish to provide a safe and comfortable journey for pets across the country. Some companies offer private transport with only one pet family at a time, directly from home to home. Others take several pets from different families from several areas of the country at a time. The services do vary on what is included, so conducting research to find the best fit and price for your pets’ needs is important, as well as, checking on reputation, credentials, and social media reviews.

After 24 years in business providing 100% air travel, Happy Travel saw a significant decline in people wanting their pets to fly and faced challenges finding pet friendly flights for those that did. Since our inception of our private ground transportation service 3 years ago, it is now 25% By Air with Care and 75% By Ground Safe & Sound. At times it is necessary to combine these two services, in such situations as when a flight can only get into a major airport and from there it is several hundred miles to the new home, which must be covered by ground transportation.

When people find out that a move is happening, many times their number one concern is their pets and how to make it happen. By hiring a professional pet relocation company, the best transport options are presented, the logistics of driving or flying are handled, and excellent customs service and care for their pets can be provided; all while offering peace of mind for pet parents. This provides a big relief so that pet owners can concentrate on all the other details of their big move.

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