How Stonebridge Travel Consulting is Moving Forward in the Wake of Corona

SAN FRANCISCO, April 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — After over a year of lockdowns, restrictions, impacted businesses, and crippled industries, peoples’ travel dreams might appear to have waned. But this heartfelt desire, born of a need to connect with oneself and the world, cannot be quenched. And so, as we approach the summer, we see the resurgence of our industry, as more and more Americans seizing every possible opportunity to travel again. Stonebridge Travel Consulting and Camille Porta are here to take care of all your travel planning needs. With most of our connections coming from either a phone or screen for the last year, the toll on our nation’s mental health has left many of us bereft of and desperate for meaningful connections. Porta understands this need and how, at a fundamental level, the most enriching aspect of travel is connection.

“Travel connects you to the world around you, and a real connection means tapping into the very thing that transcends all borders and divisions: the shared essence of our humanity,” Porta emphasizes. “That connection and our humanity cannot be found behind a screen… it’s out there.”

Short Term Destinations: While there are still some countries that aren’t open to visitors from the U.S., such as most of Europe, there are still plenty of once-in-a-lifetime destinations to explore in countries such as Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Morocco, and many more. With Stonebridge, you can plan a trip today that takes you to some of the most exotic locales, picturesque views, fine dining, and exhilarating activities that will fill your soul with wonder. With Porta and her consulting services, the exceptional is to be expected.

The bleakness and uncertainty of lockdowns have reignited peoples’ visions of their dream travels. What was readily available for a quick escape is no longer sufficient to fulfill these aspirations. People now understand the fragility of life and for as many people as there are who are content to hide from life itself, there are those who still hold adventure, possibility, and wonder in their hearts. They are awakening to the need to concretize these travel plans now.  Working with Camille, you benefit from her expert travel skills and a worldwide luxury network that will enable you to experience your trip of a lifetime — one that takes you to multiple countries, exclusive destinations and events, bespoke experiences, unique culinary and cultural traditions, and more. Now is the perfect time to plan a milestone trip for 2022 or 2023 — Porta already has options and inspiration waiting.

From trips around Europe, to an outback and island adventure in Australia and New Zealand or exploring all the hidden wonders of countries like Japan and Greece, that hold thousands of years of history and various geographical and heritage sites, all your travel dreams are within reach. Porta and Stonebridge travel consulting will handle all the details of trip planning, from start to finish, and will be there to support you during your trip should you encounter unexpected challenges.

When you are ready to commit to the pursuit of your travel dreams, Porta is ready to work with you. All your needs will be covered. The only thing you need to do is to ensure that all required vaccinations and tests are completed. Porta will help you understand and comply with the entry and exit requirements for your particular trip.

About Stonebridge Travel Consulting:

Stonebridge is Camille Porta’s answer to the need for bespoke and discerning travel. Porta, as the daughter of a diplomat, has been all around the world from an early age and has lived, worked, and immersed herself in many countries and cultures. With extensive connections and knowledge, Porta connects her clients with trips that fulfill their vision and provide options most tailored to their passions and preferences. Visit Stonebridge Travel Consulting today and get started on a trip that will better connect you to yourself and the world around you.

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