Integrated Operations Helps Businesses Lower Costs and Increase Efficacy as They Reopen to the Public

DETROIT, Sept. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — As cities and businesses, particularly in the health care and travel industries, begin to open again, they are establishing new safety protocols that are becoming standard practices. Integrated Operations, a leader in germ and virus mitigation systems, is seeing a greater demand for more effective disinfection while lowering costs, as well as an increase in the use of better, more protective face masks.

In large part due to the pandemic, businesses have dramatically increased onsite disinfection protocols in an effort to mitigate infections and reduce public concern about being in areas that are deemed unsafe. These new disinfection protocols increase the costs of doing business in labor and materials, which may not be highly effective at inactivating viruses and killing harmful bacteria.

Additionally, it’s generally known that using proper face masks helps to decrease risk, and increasingly it’s becoming mandatory in many venues, especially those that are travel related.

"We know that thorough disinfection and proper use of face masks are effective in preventing illness due to harmful viruses and bacteria, including covid 19. Several industries such as healthcare, travel, entertainment and hospitality realize that disinfection is here to stay and are seeking ways to keep their environments safe in a cost-effective way," says Nick Jaksa, founder and president of Integrated Operations. "Consumers, patients and travelers are expecting the highest level of cleanliness and caution from service providers, and individuals are also taking responsibility for educating themselves on what is the most effective face mask."

For disinfecting areas, whether it’s a medical facility, the interior of an airplane or fitting rooms in a retail store, the best way to deactivate viruses and kill germs is by using a misting/fogging system from Viral Defense, a brand launched by Integrated Operations, that covers all surfaces quickly and at a fraction of the cost of other methods with similar levels of effectiveness. The CDC-20M Portable Disinfection unit from Viral Defense automatically delivers a disinfectant mist that reaches all surfaces, including those areas not easily reached by traditional spraying or wiping. Depending on the solution used, the disinfectant deactivates viruses for a minimum 24-hour period. Cleaning crews can disinfect at night knowing that the protective layer will last throughout the next day. 

Disinfection through fogging is highly effective in any high-capacity location such as schools, theatres, gyms, sports arenas, cruise ships, and others. A typical 600 ft2 classroom can be disinfected in two minutes while a larger area such as workout room can take around 5 minutes for a 2000 ft2 area using the CDC-20M portable system. This can significantly cut down on labor costs and using less disinfection solution as it is delivered in a fine mist. 

CDC guidelines require mask wearing while using public transit, including air, rail, buses, and while in the transit stations. "For shorter trips, travelers are tolerating a range of masks; however, for long-haul trips where effectiveness and comfort are important considerations, travelers are seeking and educating themselves on the best types of masks for the situation," says Jaksa.

For example, when selecting a mask for air travel, multi-layer masks with antiviral inner layers are highly effective and preferred by Viral Defense customers. The Viral Defense/BeeActive, BeeSafe, and BeeLif masks feature three- and four-layer designs with middle layers of colloidal silver-embedded polyamide fabric to deactivate viruses and destroy other germs. These masks provide the highest level of protection and are competitively priced.

Integrated Operations, LLC was formed to bring a diverse and extensive set of professional resources to assist manufacturers to improve operational performance. In early 2020, the company introduced its Viral Defense brand to fill significant gaps in the marketplace to help in the fight against the global pandemic.

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