Is Private Jet Passenger Safety Compromised by Untrained Crews?

Unsuspecting Charter Customers Often Misled About Cabin Crew Qualifications

NEW YORK, April 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The near miraculous survival of two passengers aboard a private jet that crashed in Naples, Florida and of 380 people aboard a Japan Airlines flight engulfed in flames near Tokyo reinforce the lifesaving benefit of trained cabin crews. Unfortunately for business jet users, cabin service on many charter flights is provided by individuals who are not trained, qualified or even authorized to provide crucial aid in the event of an emergency, according to a guest on a recent edition of the new Air Charter 101 Podcast.

Flight attendant and safety advocate Susan Freidenberg is calling on the FAA to mandate safety training for private jet cabin crews – encompassing egress training, first aid, and other emergency situations. An industry veteran with extensive major airline and business jet experience, Freidenberg hopes to raise the bar on emergency preparedness.

“Flight attendants are the most underappreciated crewmembers in aviation,” says Air Charter 101 co-host David Rimmer, “yet they have saved thousands of lives over the years.” Rimmer added, “we wouldn’t be still be celebrating Miracle on the Hudson were it not for the heroic efforts of the flight attendants. That level of professionalism is often lacking aboard private jet charters.”

“Uniformed but untrained crewmembers can give passengers a false sense of security,” according to podcast co-host Omar Diaz. “Susan makes a compelling argument about the need for transparency and change within business aviation to better protect our passengers.”

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