Italian Adventurer and Environmentalist to Arrive in San Diego After 10,000-Mile, Five Month Ocean Voyage on Inflatable Boat

SAN DIEGO, May 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Convivio Society, collaborating with the Italian Consulate in Los Angeles and Suzuki Marine USA, has planned a "hero’s" welcome for Captain Sergio Davi when he arrives to the United States on May 20. Captain Davi’ has traveled 10,000 miles from Palermo, Italy to San Diego in a 10-meter rigid inflatable boat (RIB). Sergio traveled to three continents and made stops in 19 cities along his trip, battling unpredictable weather conditions, high winds and seas, an 1,800-mile solo open ocean crossing, pirate-infested coastal waters, and a bout with COVID.

Sergio’s much anticipated first time visit to California will be in San Diego in route to his final destination in San Pedro, CA. Utilizing its relationships in San Diego County, Convivio has planned a media event, numerous activities in and around the County and Little Italy, dinners, a reception, and arranged for Sergio and his wife’s accommodations in Little Italy at the Doubletree Hilton while in town.

"The wait is over! We are honored to welcome Sergio to San Diego to join in celebrating his remarkable journey," said Tom Cesarini, CEO of Convivio Society ( and SD Honorary Italian Consul. "His accomplishment is inspirational and remarkable given the challenges he faced along the way. All of San Diego, and especially its large Italian community as well as boating enthusiasts, ocean environmentalists and adventurers, applaud Sergio for his extraordinary adventure."

Representatives from Convivio and Suzuki Marine will greet him as he enters the United States from Mexico and will escort him to United States Customs on Shelter Island. He will then be escorted to a slip close to Little Italy where he will be greeted by a throng of fans and supporters to recognize his tremendous achievement. Convivio also expects key members of the San Diego Italian community, local dignitaries, and members of the media to be in attendance.

"We stand with Sergio and support his ongoing efforts to educate people around the world on critical issues facing our planet’s oceans," said Max Yamamoto, Suzuki Marine USA President. "Sergio’s message is harmonious with Suzuki’s global CLEAN OCEAN PROJECT. He joins in our mission of taking action and making a positive impact on improving ocean water environment. Sergio’s amazing journey combined adventure and a scientific study in an innovative way, and we are proud that he is relying on Suzuki 4-stroke outboards to power his latest voyage across two oceans."

In addition to satisfying an insatiable need for adventure and a compelling drive to push himself and his equipment to the limit, Sergio has been making similar voyages for years to educate people in many countries about important challenges facing our planet’s oceans. During his recent journey, Sergio photographed and cataloged marine mammals

he encountered and collected environmental data that will be studied for their protection, which are among the first animals to be affected by climate changes that impact the marine ecosystem. He also took ocean water samples and conducted studies along the route, accessing remote areas not usually visited by biologists. His scientific partners on this journey include the¬†Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of Piedmont, Liguria and Valle d’Aosta based in Turin, Italy, and the Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of Sicily, based in Palermo.

Sergio is a professional skipper and president of the "CiuriCiuriMare" Association (CCM), which is dedicated to extreme adventures in rubber dinghies, recreational excursions as well as training in the nautical field. As an inflatable boat expert in ocean navigation, Sergio is the creator and commander of five nautical enterprises of global reach that have indelibly marked the world of boating, writing his name in history. His first contact with the sea occurred from little more than a newborn. At six months, the future rubber boat driver slipped from the family boat and, not yet knowing how to swim, he was saved by his father who pulled him aboard by the arm, discovering his son amused and already with his mouth closed ready for the next dive. For more than 25 years, he has cultivated a passion for the sea that continues to this day. (

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