ITS Forms Event Travel Partnership with REACH Meetings and Events

DALLAS, March 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Event and meeting travel was interrupted in 2020, but there are clear signs that this multi-billion-dollar global industry is preparing for a roaring return. Why? Corporations rely on meetings and gatherings to connect with employees and to introduce products, services and to grow. Associations and interest groups meet to share ideas, form new relationships, and increase their knowledge so events and meetings will continue to fill this vital role. Would-be travelers can’t wait to ditch zoom for a chance to meet peers face-to-face.

REACH Meetings and Events knows how critical meetings are for their clients and they strive to make each event create memorable and productive. Today, the need to gain the most out of every “in-person” interaction is a critical goal for every client. Corporate gatherings have to be carefully planned and optimized to make employees feel safe in what may now be their first extended stay outside of their home in months. REACH Meetings and Events knows that complexity needed to be removed anywhere and everywhere from all aspects of meetings, and kept coming back to travel as one area that was hard to solve.

ITS’s TripEvents product suite that has focused on the user experience, performance and connecting with travelers in new and novel ways. REACH Meetings and Events recognized this effort and also realized that TripEvents’ ability to both provide self-service booking capabilities for travelers and the need to push trip information back into most major Event Registration software platforms, made travel planning easy.

In October of last year, with the vaccine still on the horizon and a lot of lingering uncertainty regarding event travel, 85% of ITS clients responded that they expected a return of conference, meeting and event travel by the second half of 2021. Even with this optimism, companies make the most out of each and every travel opportunity. REACH Meetings and Events makes all of their clients’ events memorable and each offsite meeting better than the last.

About REACH Meetings

REACH Meetings & Events offers full-service event management expertise. The company’s services include venue sourcing, meeting and event management, training and incentive programs, executive retreats, event staffing, and travel management. REACH was founded in 2019 by a Fortune 500 consulting and training expert and a meetings industry veteran with deep experience in global meetings management. REACH is headquartered in Austin and Dallas, TX. To learn more about REACH visit

About ITS

Internet Travel Solutions, LLC (ITS) develops and maintains technology for the corporate, convention, cargo, passenger airline, crew accommodation, and event and meeting sectors. ITS solutions, products and services solve problems, create savings and provide long-term value through ease of use, valuable integration, and scalability for large and small clients. ITS also provides support services to help travelers throughout their journey, making each trip productive and meaningful. Visit to learn more.

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