ITS Launches Content APIs & Carbon Emissions Features to Benefit the Travel Industry

DALLAS, Nov. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ITS is excited to announce a leading Carbon Emissions tracking feature that impacts demand generation, reporting and budgeting for companies. Developed in-house, ITS will provide this tool as a high performance, API service for any industry specialist, NGO, reporting provider, or corporate booking technology provider.

ITS provides a per person calculation of Carbon Emissions by flight, displayed and compared to the average for that destination. This real time calculation considers several key and impactful contributors, such as aircraft type, flight time, peak travel times, travel seasonality, origin and destination. These inputs leverage data and carbon emissions tracking methodologies documented by the European Emissions Agency (EEA). ITS adds industry-based knowledge and experience to provide an additional layer of comfort to corporate clients. Features like filters, sorting, and policy will all have a direct impact on which flights shoppers will identify and ultimately choose.

The feature will first be rolled out on TripEasy not only per flight, but per Next Generation Storefront (NGS) cabin or shelf. The combination of a crisp, visual display with the ability to assess each branded fare and cabin allows users to compare a complete set of options in the market enabling business travelers to choose the best flight for their preference should now a required feature every company should put on their next RFP list.

ITS offers new reporting and budgeting tools for businesses to not only track estimated corporate emissions and add budgeting parameters and compare flights selected vs the lowest carbon producing flights in the market. They can use ITS insights to calculate their carbon footprint and provide a direct option to take action on lowering their footprint. ITS will give insight into how much additional CO2 could have been avoided and the cost differential for the lower emissions flights. Travelers will be presented with options and companies will be provided tools to make a difference. 

When ITS started to assess the market to find an algorithm or service to determine emissions, we discovered that the industry lacks a true leader in providing thorough emissions content. The options in the market were either too expensive, too broad, or didn’t address the issue of flights as full NGS, branded alternates. As a result, we decided to share our custom Amazon Web Services (AWS) emissions content APIs with the industry. By collaborating with AWS, ITS is able to incorporate the latest cloud technology to enable the performance we need for our own products and to provide a scalable solution to new clients who are seeking more accurate and leading emissions content services. Specifically, ITS utilizes Lamdas to help scale, DynamoDB for easy configuration and variable modification and more AWS tools to push the industry closer to a new standard.

"AWS works closely with our customers to accelerate mutually shared sustainability goals," said Mike Eastman, Director Americas Inside Sales. "Companies like ITS work with AWS to drive digital innovation, and build business applications that can help companies implement more sustainable practices, including the ability use carbon emissions data to make buying decisions. Through the scalability and flexibility of the cloud, ITS is able to respond to changes in travel and innovate and respond to the market and customers quickly. We look forward to helping them deliver an enhanced travel experience for businesses and travelers alike."

About ITS
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Stephanie Smith

SOURCE ITS (Internet Travel Solutions)