JetASAP™ Increases Accessibility to Private Jet Travel

BOCA RATON, Fla., Feb. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — JetASAP™, an innovative, self-service mobile app, allows travelers to submit their confidential trip request with one push of a button. The request is submitted to more than 700 charter operators nationwide, and travelers can book as many trips as they like and never pay any commissions or membership fees. By eliminating these fees while providing the largest number of options in one place, JetASAP™ makes it possible for travelers from a wider range of income brackets to fly private.

Truly a disruptive service in the industry, JetASAP™ offers a “DIY” charter service that is well beyond the mainstream market. Traditionally, the private jet set comprised individuals with a net worth of $10 million+, but recently the company has seen a huge uptick from a new demographic of travelers with a net worth of $2 to $3 million. The increased interest can be attributed to the worldwide pandemic, during which health and safety are paramount.

A recent survey of JetASAP clients underscores the rapid shift in flyer demographics. Responses indicate that a large percentage typically fly first class but have shifted to private aviation due to the number of private charter options and accessible pricing they regularly encounter on the company’s app.

With fuel prices expected to rise in the coming months as the national economy mends from COVID, charter rates will also increase, making the company’s competitive pricing even more important to consumers. With an eye on continuous improvement, the JetASAP™ executive team plans for the next version of the app to offer fixed price one-ways and empty legs, among others, increasing the options available to users.

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About JetASAP™
JetASAP™ is a real-time aircraft charter booking service that transparently connects travelers with aircraft operators. The service allows travelers to submit a charter quote request, receive one or more live quotes in response to the request from any charter operators choosing to participate and then subsequently book the most desirable option. Travelers can create a JetASAP™ profile and use the service with no memberships or commissions. The service also allows travelers the ability to manage all of their trip requests and booked trips directly from within a mobile application, as well as chat in real-time with relevant parties in order to facilitate rapid communication to answer questions, share information and resolve issues. In booking and signing contracts in the JetASAP™ app, travelers always book directly with each charter operator and not with JetASAP™, which is a facilitating and trip management platform.

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