JetASAP Releases June 2023 Activity Report of Hourly Cost for On Demand Aircraft Charter

Hourly rates increase an overall average of four percent

BOCA RATON, Fla., July 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — JetASAP, the only truly live commission-free private aircraft marketplace connecting flyers directly to charter operators, today announces their latest charter activity report. June 2023 rates increased an overall average of 4% as compared to May 2023 for charter operator billable flight hours. The largest increase of 6% was experienced in the light jet category to $7,236 per billable flight hour.  Mid and heavy jets had increases of 5% per hour for each category with averages of $8,176 and $13,336 respectively. Super mid jets rose 4% to $11,068 per average billable flight hour and turbo props had the smallest increase of 2% to $4,280 per occupied flight hour.

Hourly Rates* for June 2023 of 1,955 Quotes in the JetASAP App





Quotes At or

Below Average

Turbo Props




51 %

Light Jets




53 %

Mid Jets




52 %

Super Mid Jets




53 %

Heavy Jets




49 %

Real-time All-In quotes received by flyers through JetASAP in June:

Jackson Hole, WY to Ft. Lauderdale, FL: 
Phenom 300 (Light Jet) $32,360
Hawker 800XP (Mid Jet) $23,659
Gulfstream GIV (Heavy Jet) $45,000

Tulsa, OK to Rochester, MN:
Lear 60 (Mid Jet) $15,788
Falcon 50 (Super Mid Jet) $17,587

Farmingdale, NY to Aspen, CO: 
Lear 60 (Mid Jet) $26,818
Citation X (Super Mid Jet) $43,356
Gulfstream G200 (Super Mid Jet) $40,000

Ft. Lauderdale, FL to Groton New London, CT: 
Beechjet 400 (Light Jet) $15,649
Hawker 800XP (Mid Jet) $20,900

Oxford, CT to Naples, FL:
Citation CJ3 (Light Jet) $13,500
Citation Excel (Mid Jet) $19,623

Victoria, BC, Canada to Union City, TN:
Citation Excel (Mid Jet) $26,600
Citation X (Super Mid Jet) $35,500
Gulfstream GV (Heavy Jet) $52,000

Dallas, TX to Van Nuys, CA:
Lear 45XR (Light Jet) $19,650
Lear 60 (Mid Jet) $19,088
Citation X (Super Mid Jet) $30,517

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