JetASAP Releases October 2023 Activity Report of Hourly Cost for On Demand Aircraft Charter

Hourly rates increase an overall average of six percent

BOCA RATON, Fla., Nov. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — JetASAP, the only truly live commission-free private aircraft marketplace connecting flyers directly to charter operators, today announces their latest charter activity report. October 2023 average rates increase six percent overall. The turbo prop category had the largest increase of 11 percent to $4,763 per charter operator billable flight hour. Light jets had the smallest increase of three percent to $7,164 per hour. The mid jet category experienced an increase of six percent to $8,857 per billable flight hour. Super mid jets increased four percent to $11,191 per average billable flight hour. The heavy jet category experienced an increase overall of five percent for occupied flight hours to an average of $13,569 per hour.





Quotes At or Below Avg.

Turbo Props     




50 %

Light Jets           




45 %

Mid Jets             




40 %

Super Mid Jets   




52 %

Heavy Jets         




56 %

Source:  JetASAP hourly rates are based on direct quotes from charter operators’ flight charges received through the JetASAP platform. All hourly rates are based on actual occupied passenger flight hours from takeoff to landing, are “All-In” and include federal excise tax (FET), fuel surcharges, as well as daily minimums, if applicable.

*Statistics include a 10 percent standard deviation to account for data anomalies.

Real-time All-In quotes received by flyers through JetASAP in October:

Islip, NY to Palm Beach, FL
Citation Bravo (Light Jet) $10,853
Lear 45XR (Light Jet) $19,000

Pittsburgh, PA to Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Citation Encore+ (Light Jet) $15,745
Beechjet 400A (Light Jet) $16,500

Teterboro, NJ to Palm Beach, FL
Beechjet 400A (Light Jet) $17,500
Falcon 50 (Super Mid Jet) $19,393

Atlantic City, NJ to Boca Raton, FL
Citation I (Light Jet) $14,000
Citation Encore+ (Light Jet) $15,212
HondaJet Elite (Light Jet) $18,000
Falcon 50 (Super Mid Jet) $20,114

Miami, FL to Bedford, MA 
Citation Bravo (Light Jet) $14,000
Gulfstream G100 (Mid Jet) $16,615
Hawker 800XP (Mid Jet) $17,000

Miami, FL to Aspen, CO 
Phenom 300 (Light Jet) $24,000
Gulfstream G200 (Super Mid Jet) $35,000

Oakland, CA to Washington D.C.
Challenger 300 (Super Mid Jet) $35,000
Legacy 600 (Heavy Jet) $45,500
Gulfstream GV (Heavy Jet) $49,347

Las Vegas, NV to Teterboro, NJ
Gulfstream G200 (Super Mid Jet) $29,500
Falcon 50 (Super Mid Jet) $29,600
Challenger 850 (Heavy Jet) $34,250

Houston, TX to Santa Ana, CA
Citation Excel (Mid Jet) $19,700
Falcon 50 (Super Mid Jet) $25,585
Gulfstream GIVSP (Heavy Jet) $36,500

Cleveland, OH to Knoxville, TN
Cirrus Vision Jet (Light Jet) $7,250
King Air 200 (Turbo Prop) $8,267
Lear 45XR (Light Jet) $9,805

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