Kochi Prefecture Enticing Travelers in Osaka and Kyoto to Visit Japan’s Best Kept Secret

KOCHI, Japan, March 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Kochi Prefecture stretches along the southern coast of the island of Shikoku, which was selected for Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel list in 2022. The nature-filled prefecture has paired up with the Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau to showcase ideas for side trips off the beaten track from the popular Kansai region via the new Osaka to Kochi website.

“Being located in Shikoku makes Kochi seem far, but getting here from cities like Osaka and Kyoto is actually quite easy,” says Norikazu Sawamura. “There are frequent bullet and express train links, which also happen to cross some of the most scenic parts of Shikoku such as the Oboke and Koboke gorge, and visitors can easily explore by renting a car and driving down across the mighty bridges that connect Shikoku to the mainland.”

Visitors arriving in Kochi City are sure to be charmed by the walkability and friendliness of the coastal capital. Centered around 17th century Kochi Castle, one of only 12 original castles left in Japan, getting around the main sights is easy. A short bus ride takes you to additional attractions at Mt.Godai, home to serene Chikurin-ji Temple and Makino Botanical Garden.

Kochi is also known around Japan as a foodie destination, with folks planning their visits to coincide with the weekly Sunday Market, the longest street market in Japan, with over 300 years of history. Nearby Hirome Market is open every day and boasts dozens of stalls offering local dishes and drinks. Don’t miss katsuo no takaki, a seared bonito dish that is the local soul food.

For those who want to explore further, regular train and bus connections from Kochi City allow visitors to see many of the prefecture’s diverse landscapes, ranging from seaside samurai towns to villages in the mountains filled with architectural marvels. Home to three of Japan’s most pristine rivers, outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty of adventurous tours, while hikers can follow the trails of the ancient Shikoku 88 temple pilgrimage.

As visitors start flocking back to Japan and the major sightseeing spots once again become crowded, Kochi Prefecture looks forward to welcoming a growing number of visitors in search of a more peaceful and natural experience on the country’s smallest main island.

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SOURCE Kochi Prefecture