Lemonhaze Introduces Its Latest Crop of Elite Experiences for the Cannabis Industry

NEW YORK, Feb. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — It’s time to get back to the green for more ways than one! Lemonhaze, architects of exclusive experiences connecting the cannabis space, have returned with a jam-packed 2022 roster of exclusively inclusive gatherings centered on all facets of the burgeoning industry. This President’s Day, Arizona’s Legacy Golf Club will tee-off of the latest season of Cannabis Industry Executive Golf Classics – culminating with "the most coveted invitation in the cannabis industry," the Lemonhaze Cannabis Industry Executive Golf Classic in Las Vegas on November 14, 2022. Between all of the action on the golf course, Lemonhaze has organized a series of Virtual Up-Fronts connecting buyers and brands and Budtender First Parties celebrating the unsung heroes of the cannabis industry. 

"Lemonhaze’s mission continues to be providing valuable industry connections and throwing some great parties for everyone to enjoy," said Lemonhaze CEO Brian Yauger

Quickly emerging as Lemonhaze’s signature events and among the most highly anticipated of the year, the Cannabis Industry Executive Golf Classics are held in cities and regions across the country, including Phoenix, Tampa, Denver, New Jersey, and Northern and Southern California. Tailored for the industry executive, these local tournaments offer a day of friendly competition and networking on the green that builds relationships, sparks new deals, and fosters a sense of community. Capping off the golf season is the second annual Lemonhaze Cannabis Industry Executive Golf Invitational, an invite-only event featuring the largest gathering of influential decision-makers in legal cannabis assembled in one place and time. With the Invitational, the company has earned a reputation as "the Allen and Co. of the cannabis industry," compared to the investment firm’s annual gathering of tech and media moguls, where some of the biggest deals in history are devised.

Taking its cue from the annual week in May where advertisers and television executives meet to orchestrate media buys are the Lemonhaze Virtual Up-Fronts. Described as "speed dating for cannabis buying," these events offer a unique opportunity for product salespeople and dispensary buyers to directly engage through the efficiency of video meetings and sales platforms. Lemonhaze Virtual Up-Fronts are the easiest way for buyers and sellers in the cannabis industry to get a month’s worth of meetings done in a matter of hours. For some smaller brands, it also means meeting with retailers they might otherwise not have access to!

Recognizing the importance of Budtenders as the de-facto salesforce behind every cannabis brand, Lemonhaze Budtenders First Parties are VIP events made to spotlight the importance of Budtenders as the engines that run the industry. Exhibitors can interact and educate Budtenders face-to-face in a fun party atmosphere in legal cannabis hubs, including Boston Chicago. Detroit, Portland, and Seattle.

Introducing Lemonhaze Dayz!  Lemonhaze Dayz is a region-by-region package of core experiences stacked to create the ultimate connections for cannabis insiders. Attend a Virtual Upfront and Budtender First Party over a series of days in your area to tap into the local industry at a micro-level.

Lemonhaze events are sponsored by some of the biggest brands inside and outside the industry, including Agrify, Arco / Murray, AVD, Blinc, BOLD, BOVEDA, LeafLink, Rove, and more.

"Lemonhaze events provide the opportunity for any business in the cannabis industry to connect with influencers and decision-makers they need to grow their businesses," said Lemonhaze COO Penny Cook.

Lemonhaze is a premier B2B events company that facilitates connections within the cannabis space. Lemonhaze events are designed to foster elite experiences. As a result, their Lemonhaze Cannabis Industry Executive Golf Invitationals have emerged as the most coveted invitation in the cannabis industry. Please visit their website to stay informed about other Lemonhaze experiences, including Virtual Upfronts, legendary Budtenders First Parties, and focus groups.

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