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SHERIDAN, Wyo., April 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Digijaks Group, LLC (PPE FOR USA) has answered the call from President Biden to mask up to defend against Covid. In February 2021, CDC began recommending the use of premium masks by consumers, even after being vaccinated. Masks are required on Federal property; and when using any means of public transportation. Digijaks Group (PPE FOR USA) partnered with an innovative US based medical device company that manufactures this Made in USA N95 Face Mask. These are the number one line of defense against Coronavirus; as well as wildfire smoke and other airborne particles. Digjiaks Group (PPE FOR USA) convinced this US manufacturer to agree to offer these lifesaving tools to all consumers in the USA. Join families in all 50 States who are now safer from Coronavirus, and the variants as well. N95s are recommended for those who live in wildfire zones, as they help protect against smoke inhalation and provide defenses against other particulate matter like ash. California and other west coast States are already under severe drought warnings and potentially dangerous wildfire warnings as well for this coming summer.

N95 Features

  • 97% filtration testing results
  • Substantial breathing area allows for sufficient airflow circulation
  • Individually wrapped to prevent contamination
  • CDC/NIOSH Authorized under EUA for Healthcare Settings

PPE FOR USA Safety Tools

PPE FOR USA ( offers other consumer-oriented safety tools to protect you and your family from wildfires, and pollutants in the air. To create your own personal safe space, we are also now offering personal HEPA filters for office, car and home; as well as a unique air purifier necklace. All of these tools are ideal for teachers, for families with at risk people; as well as for schools, athletic and religious groups to protect their members.

Use PPE FOR USA safety tools to protect yourself now against the continuing spread of Coronavirus, and in the future to protect against the dangers of wildfires. Stay Safe!

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