Monterey Financial Services, LLC: Unparalleled Timeshare Financing Expertise at GNEX 2024 Conference

Bronze Sponsor Monterey Financial to Showcase Revolutionary Solutions in Timeshare and Travel Club Financing 

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Monterey Financial, LLC, (MFS) has been a leading player in the Consumer Finance, Loan Servicing Management, and Delinquent Debt Recovery sectors for over thirty years. Known for its innovative approach to solving complex financial receivables challenges faced by entrepreneurs across various industries, MFS is delighted to share that it will be participating as a Bronze sponsor at the highly anticipated GNEX 2024 Conference at the Historic Fontainebleau, Miami Beach, Florida scheduled from February 20-22, 2024. During the event, MFS will showcase its expertise in the vacation industry, offering insightful solutions to meet the unique needs of businesses in this field.

At the GNEX Miami 2024 Conference, MFS will be showcasing innovative new solutions in both timeshare and travel club financing opportunities. As a leading bronze event sponsor, MFS demonstrates its commitment to driving innovation and shaping the industry. Brokers attending the conference can expect to gain valuable insights into cutting-edge financing options that will empower them to redefine the way vacation properties are financed.

Gina Frame, Monterey Financial’s esteemed Account Executive, and former GNEX presenter exclaims, “We are honored to attend and exhibit at GNEX Miami 2024. Our dedication to transform timeshare and travel club financing and empower developers and brokers to achieve unrivaled access to new opportunities and redefine the future of the industry is unparalleled.”  With their deep understanding of the ever-evolving vacation landscape, Monterey will provide industry leaders with groundbreaking solutions that unlock new possibilities for businesses and their clients. MFS is looking to revolutionize how businesses finance their consumers in the vacation sector. With their new approach to down payment financing, businesses can unlock a much larger base of customers. 

MFS Financial invites everyone to visit their dedicated booth at the GNEX 2024 Conference. Here, they will have the opportunity to engage with MFS’s passionate team and gain comprehensive insights into the tailored services designed exclusively for the vacation industry. Attendees can explore potential collaborations and discover how Monterey Financial’s expertise can enhance their business, ensuring they stay ahead in this rapidly evolving industry.

Monterey Financial Services, LLC (MFS) continues to provide a significant service for businesses in the travel industry, offering the option to sell bulk portfolios of consumer receivables. This enduring offer is particularly beneficial for companies seeking to boost their liquidity and strengthen their balance sheets, allowing for more flexibility in their financial planning. Leveraging Monterey’s deep expertise in consumer finance and debt management, travel businesses can optimize their financial strategies, ensuring stability and focus on core operations.

Stop by to connect with Monterey Financial, LLC participating and sponsoring in the esteemed GNEX 2024 Conference at the Fontainebleau in Miami Beach, Florida scheduled from February 20-22, 2024. Attendees looking to unlock the full potential of vacation financing are encouraged to visit Monterey Financial’s booth and discover visionary solutions that empower them to become leaders within the vacation industry. 

About Monterey Financial Services: 

Monterey’s mission statement: To empower every business with the ability to optimize their sales through financing while maximizing growth and cash recovery. Monterey Financial Services has forged a reputation for unparalleled customer service, developing tailor-made consumer finance solutions for businesses selling products and services to consumers. Solutions are built to fit clients’ requirements, whether they bundle Monterey services together or use what appeals to their specific needs. With services such as consumer finance, rent-to-own financing, loan servicing, custodial services, and delinquent debt collections, clients have the opportunity to profit from consumer receivables of all credit classifications and all stages of the receivables life cycle. With industry-leading results, Monterey remains committed to combining the best technology with its talented staff to achieve a primary objective for its clients to optimize portfolio performance.Contact Monterey Financial at 1-800-456-2225 or reach out through Monterey Financial’s website here to learn more.

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