MyHotels® Announces Permanent Move to Four-Day Workweek With Three-Day Weekends: Providing Increased Employee Satisfaction and Major Increase in Productivity

MAKKAH, Saudi Arabia, June 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — MyHotels™ ( recently announced it was shifting to a four-day workweek, after having tried the hybrid model as a cost-saving, efficiency measure beginning in March of 2021. MyHotels® quickly noticed a sharp increase in productivity and employee satisfaction along with reduced operational costs related to a decrease in electricity and other utility consumption in just a few months. Citing multiple studies that outline the benefits of the reduced workweek, including reduced employee stress, increased quality of work, and employee retention, MyHotels® plans to continue using the new model indefinitely. MyHotels® is the leading Saudi online travel agency (OTA), which has recently created a popular no-hassle Umrah travel package for customers seeking to enter Saudi Arabia on pilgrimage.

"What we’ve discovered is that when we trust our employees to get the work done in a shorter amount of time, they actually work harder and smarter," said Emad Alabbas, CEO of MyHotels®. "We noticed our staff is more creative, more punctual, and more productive in general. A four-day workweek focuses their attention more effectively and creates a better sense of work-life balance. Employees report lower stress and higher engagement scores – our staff is just happier and much more motivated. Judiciously reducing working hours has been a good decision, and we aim to continue giving our employees more time to spend with their families."

MyHotels® is a full service, a Saudi online travel agency (OTA) with multi–tiered packages that include:

  • Accommodations (Launched Since January 2016): With relationships across the hospitality industry, MyHotels® offers accommodations booking services through affiliates and partners, giving customers direct pricing and significant savings from a wide variety of hotels, hotel apartments, villas, and hostels covering more than 1,000,000 accommodations/properties across 80,000 destinations worldwide.
  • Transfers (Launched on March 2021): even choice Shared or Private Transfers, will be Reliable and safe pickup from airport–to–hotel and hotel–to–airport transfers as well, Our range of transfers will ensure our customers will get to where they want without any headaches, our range of transfers coving 700 destinations worldwide.
  • Activities/Holiday Packages (Launched Since January 2016): Convenient holiday packages that combine transport, lodging, meals, and entertainment activities under one rate. When available, packages may also include the provision of a tour guide for a wide variety of destinations: local, regional or international.
  • Flight Reservations and Ticketing (Launched on June 2021): Reservations available from over 750 airlines and 200+ low–cost carriers worldwide, North America, South America, Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Australia.
  • Visas (Launched Since January 2016): Professional, timely visa services that include visa education and related travel information requirements.
  • MyHotels® Umrah (Launched Since April 2020): B2C Umrah Packages and B2B Umrah Booking. MyHotels® Umrah An Official and Approved Member of The Saudi Global Distribution System Maqam (Saudi GDS), MyHotels® launched a full B2C Umrah travel service in April of 2020, which includes issuing an immediate electronic Umrah e–Visa to each traveler, allowing entry into Saudi Arabia. MyHotels® Umrah also provides Umrah services to Umrah Operators and their external agents by giving them the ability to book Makkah and Madinah Hotels with a BRN ID, so that they can issue Umrah Visas for their groups. These services are identical for Umrah transfers booking.

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Founded in Saudi Arabia in 2016 and headquartered in Makkah, MyHotels® is an online travel agency dedicated to worldwide travel packages, accommodations reservations, and related services for both B2B and B2C customers. By leveraging positive relationships across the industry, MyHotels® has become a recognized and trusted global travel brand. Learn more at: www.MyHotels.SA

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