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LOS ANGELES, Jan. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —┬áHistory was made in 2007, as the History Channel premiered their first ever full-length documentary, diving into the hidden secrets of Naples via Naples Underground (Napoli Sotterranea) founded and run by lead Speleologist Enzo Albertini. The program, titled “The Secret Cities” begins at a depth of 6 metres, in the excavations of San Lorenzo, traveling all the way into the Decumani area, situated below the Spanish Quarters.

The program aired on Sky channel 406, quite the momentous occasion as it was the first time the History Channel shot a documentary on Naples. In the past, they had only broadcast an in-depth study on the Napoli Liberation, a program which was made up of local footage and computer reconstructions of the Pompeii eruption, but no real footage was shot at the time.

This time, the History Channel documentary was filmed by a cohort of American television producers led by Executive Producer Dolores Gavin, accompanied by Producers Sarah Wetherbee and Emre Sahin who worked with Vincenzo Albertini to explore the underground city in a way which also tells the stories of a world long ago and their rich history. Their relationship and conversations with Mr. Albertini over the course of their many days and excursions there, allowed for an in-depth level of conversation into which aspects of Italy’s great history accounts for the current geological marvels that exist within Naples Underground (Napoli Sotterranea). It was especially in these moments of conversation, that we see a National hero and honorary Tourism Ambassador Vincenzo Albertini shining through in his depth of knowledge and ability to paint such an inviting sense of adventure and intrigue over the city of Naples.

This dynamic troupe of storytellers, begin their journey by visiting the Pompeii excavations and showing the entire world how Naples was saved from the eruption of 79AC. They then make their way into the entrance of the Anticaglia house, from a trap door which descends into the stalls of the Roman theater, the remains of the Teatro di Nero.

The tour then continues under the Basilica of San Lorenzo in Naples where the Seat of San Lorenzo was born and where the remains of the columns of the ancient Court can still be seen today. At each of these great points in the unique landscape, Vincenzo Albertini continues to supply extensive insight into exactly which geological features we are seeing at the moment in time and also giving us the historical context, seamlessly merging story, lore and geology, bringing it into the Naples Underground (Napoli Sotterranea) of today.

After exploring the secrets hidden in the underground, the History Channel cameras arrive in the hypogeum of Naples and for the first time they show the city. This momentous broadcast of Naples to the world was celebrated by Italians everywhere and a special salute was given to Vincenzo Albertini and his team.

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