Crowns Madison, WI the Most Neighborly City in America

LEHI, Utah, Sept. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Neighbor, the peer-to-peer self-storage marketplace, revealed the ranking for its second annual "Most Neighborly Cities in America" on National Neighbor Day. Neighbor based rankings on key data points, such as volunteering, charitable giving, neighborly acts, and other important dimensions. 

Crowning the list for the first time is Madison, WI., 2021’s Most Neighborly City in America. Madison topped this year’s list for a few reasons: It’s ranked #1 as the happiest city in America and it also leads the nation in donations to nonprofits per 100,000 residents.

"Neighborhoods are the crux of our society, where we make friends, educate our children and care for each other. It’s important that we continue to recognize and celebrate Neighborly Cities, which are more important than ever following the global pandemic. Studies have shown interacting with your neighbors and getting to know them results in lower levels of loneliness and worry," said CEO and Co-Founder of Neighbor, Joseph Woodbury. "At Neighbor, we are helping renters and hosts alike build community, togetherness and trust as they share space and help solve each others’ storage problems."

The final list is representative of big cities, metro areas, small towns and rural regions.

2021’s Ten Most Neighborly Cities in America

  1. Madison, WI
  2. Rochester, NY
  3. Portland, OR
  4. Minneapolis, MN
  5. Des Moines, IA
  6. Washington, D.C.
  7. Boston, MA
  8. Seattle, CA
  9. Pittsburgh, PA
  10. Milwaukee, WI

The Most Neighborly Cities rankings were determined by a review of charitable giving, nonprofit organizations, volunteering rates, happiness rankings and most importantly—neighborly behaviors courtesy of Americorps data. In addition to uncovering the Most Neighborly Cities, Neighbor surveyed 1,000 Americans to learn more about the qualities of a neighbor and what it means to be "neighborly." Survey results found the top qualities are:

  • Social – Nearly two-thirds of respondents (61.5%) hang out with their neighbors at least a few times per year, and about one in three (29%) hang out with their neighbors weekly
  • Empathetic – More than half of respondents (53.9%) feel more concern for their neighbors because of the pandemic
  • Helpful – Most respondents (79.1%) have done at least one favor for a neighbor in the past year
  • Reliable – Most respondents (65.8%) have at least two neighbors they can rely on to water their plants or pick up their mail if they go out of town

"When you get along with the people around you and know you there is a mutual level of trust and expectations, it creates a feeling of camaraderie, builds community, and keeps everyone safer," said Woodbury. "Our vision as a company is to solve our neighbor’s problems; therefore, we’re building a marketplace that is reinforcing the sense of community and connection we all desire. People start by looking for storage, but end up building relationships with their neighbors through our app."

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