New Invention Finally Solves Unreliable RV Holding Tank Level Measurement

DENVER, Sept. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — While COVID-19 has substantially constrained domestic and international air travel due to safety concerns, it has led to a renewed interest in the quintessential American road trip. For many looking for a safe and comfortable way to travel, RV’s have become the ideal choice to explore America’s treasure trove of national parks and countryside, from sea to shining sea. 

As more people turn to RVing, many for the first time, the industry is presented with a unique opportunity to convert first time RVers into lifelong enthusiasts. The pressure to ensure that this first-time experience for new RVers is free of unpleasant surprises, or frustrations with the performance of their RV, is key in achieving high, long-term customer conversion rates.

For inventor, retired engineer and RV enthusiast, John Vander Horst, creating the best possible experience with the operations of an RV, for both the traveler and the RV industry, is mission critical. This week, Vander Horst is officially unveiling his most recent invention, the Horst Miracle Gauge. The Horst Miracle Gauge solves the most common and persistent frustration with RVing, unreliable and inaccurate level readings of the three holding tanks, the fresh, gray and black. 

Existing tank monitoring solutions provide only three possible readings, one-third, two-thirds and full, which even when functioning properly, provides inadequate information, often leading to unnecessary uncertainty and action. Furthermore, the performance of existing tank monitoring solutions is notoriously unreliable, requiring diagnostics and maintenance to ensure the measurement system can even function. The process of maintaining existing systems means investing time and energy in the least appealing aspect of RVing, reducing customer satisfaction, all while increasing the total cost of ownership.

In contrast, the newly patented Horst Miracle Gauge, can measure tank depth with up to 1/8-inch accuracy. The unique, patented design enables unprecedented reliability, is virtually maintenance free and is easy to install. Operation of the Horst Miracle Gauge is simple, the customer simply turns a knob to select their tank, pushes a button and the gauge relays the tanks’ depth in inches.

As the inventor of the Horst Miracle Probe, that similarly improved upon the traditional approach to tank measurement, Vander Horst has a unique perspective about how he expects the Horst Miracle Gauge to out-perform even his own, previous invention, and disrupt the industry. “Today’s RV industry is invested in a singular approach to tank measurement that relies on sensors and conductivity, which is inherently susceptible to errors and system failures. The Horst Miracle Gauge introduces an entirely different approach to measuring tank depth that relies on low pressure pneumatics, which we believe is the ultimate solution to accurate and reliable tank measurement.”   

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