New Luxury Travel Company Takes the Guesswork Out of Traveling Sustainably

PORTLAND, Ore., Sept. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ –Wild Nectar Immersive Travel Collection (, the sustainability-focused luxury travel company, officially launched this fall. Wild Nectar Collection enables travelers to experience unique and life-changing travels that are sustainable by presenting each curated trip with a custom Eco Score, including carbon-offsetting recommendations for each journey using a Carbon Offsetting Calculator and bestowing Sustainability Awards based on the trip operators’ achievements. 

"Travel is a privilege and I’ve long felt the industry wasn’t doing enough to monitor the carbon footprint of an activity that is an honor to experience," said Joy Martinello, founder and CEO, Wild Nectar Collection. "So I asked myself, what if a travel sales and marketing company, a third party who was not a travel operator, could keep a close eye on what travel operators were doing, could offer Eco Scores that represent the travel operators’ sustainability efforts and could provide clients with the most immersive, wind-in-your-hair travel experiences all at the same time? Could a company who understands what kind of deeply affecting, exciting adventures travelers want, plus the desire for different levels of luxury, also be a force for promoting sustainability? That’s what my team and I have set out to do."

The Eco Scores evaluate the trips offered based on over 10 categories. Evaluation categories include: conservation, carbon emissions and offsets, betterment of the local community, and energy source and efficiency.

Unlike traditional travel advisors, Wild Nectar Collection is curating operators and trips that have the best track record of sustainability initiatives and hold themselves to the highest standards. Besides being destination-based, the collection is sorted into categories that best meet travelers’ style preferences including Nature, Culture, Wellness and Polar focused experiences. The company also plans to give 2% of all profits to girls’ education and 1% to ocean conservation.

Wild Nectar Collection launches during the uncertain Covid-19 pandemic, but that doesn’t stop them from serving their clients. In fact, Wild Nectar Collection encourages travelers to plan for 2022 and 2023 trips now.

"Our current Covid strategy for travel is to recommend that you book 2-3 trips out into the future to different destinations. Then if the first trip gets canceled, you’ll have other trips in the pipeline to look forward to," Joy Martinello states. "The travel industry is like a big waitlist right now so it’s important to have trips booked out into the future even if you’re not sure you will take them or if they will be canceled. As soon as regions become safe, we want to have trips confirmed for clients so they can be among the lucky ones who have plans in place."

To learn more about Wild Nectar Collection’s curated and immersive itineraries, their Eco Scores, and how Sustainability Awards are given, visit

About Wild Nectar Collection
Wild Nectar Collection specializes in sustainable luxury travel that is both life-changing for their clients and protects the earth. Each curated trip is given an Eco Score for clients to understand the operators’ sustainability impact.  Led by sustainability and travel experts, Wild Nectar Collection makes sustainable luxury travel possible. With over 16 years of travel planning experience, Wild Nectar Collection’s Travel Curators know which trips will utterly delight clients.  

Julie Casson for Wild Nectar Collection

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