New York Tween Brothers Spend Pandemic Building Family Friendly Vacation App to Enhance ‘Disney Magic’

PLAINVIEW, N.Y., May 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — One year ago, with the pandemic looming and all vacation plans dashed and summer camp cancelled, one tech savvy dad coupled some much-needed family fun with technology. Adam Bellow, a serial entrepreneur and father of two creative boys, encouraged them to marry their love for all things Disney with a community focused purpose. Pulling on memories of their frequent vacations at their beloved theme parks, the imaginative duo put their heads together to build the ultimate Disney Theme Park planning tool – Best Disney Day (MyBDD)

Reid (10) and Hunter (12) spearheaded the project, drawing on their experiences at the Happiest Place on Earth. The precocious tweens made the best of the pandemic shutdown by building a sleek, family friendly app with colorful graphics, descriptions of each ride, including the height requirements, the duration of the ride, and up to the minute wait times. The goal was simple – create an app that would help families get the most out of their favorite vacation spots – Disney World and the recently reopened Disneyland.

They dreamt up features that allow changes in weather or a change in your GPS coordinates to customize plans based on your preferences and “maximize your park time.” Users can personalize their adventures by choosing a theme, such as pirates or princesses, and the MyBDD app will guide you to the right attraction to make the most of your day. The app even allows you to invite others to plan the day as a group.

The intuitive siblings know family members may like different types of rides, so they programmed the app to notify the group when one member of the party does not like a particular ride or simply isn’t tall enough for the attraction. The Bellow brothers know how to make the best of Disney including adding a camera spotter to the app which tells users where cameras are on the rides so they know the right time to say cheese.

Park goers should know Disneyland has 45 rides and a slew of attractions, while Disney World in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, boasts over 53 rides and shows, four theme parks, two water parks, and 27 resort themed hotels. This 25,000-acre landscape can be quite dizzying for first timers, so MyBDD comes to the rescue offering an interactive guided tour of the parks in the palm of your hand.

The MyBDD app is now available as a free download on Google Play and Apple App Store. There is a one-time upgrade fee that unlocks the Magic when in the parks and 25 percent of any proceeds go to support the March of Dimes and Make-A-Wish foundation — two of the Bellow family’s favorite charities.

What started as a fun project between two siblings, is now a powerful digital tool helping thousands of families enjoy their Best Disney Day!

Press Contact: Adam Bellow
‪(516) 234-0272