Paramount Business Jets Introduces Corporate Wing Solutions — High-quality Supplemental Lift for Flight Department Operators

LEESBURG, Va., June 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Private Jet Charter broker Paramount Business Jets today introduced Corporate Wing Solutions, a supplemental lift program created for corporate fleet operators seeking reliable, high-quality supplemental lift on an occasional or ongoing basis.

“We see corporate operators facing increasing challenges meeting their lift needs, and we believe there is a need for an honest and old-fashioned jet charter broker to represent and negotiate on their behalf in the marketplace,” said Paramount Business Jets founder and CEO Richard Zaher.

The company points to several factors driving flight departments’ growing need for supplemental lift:

  • Crew shortages make flight department staffing difficult, and rising salaries can strain flight department budgets or exceed corporate limits for non-executive compensation.
  • Supply chain issues make maintaining aircraft costlier and can cause unusual delays in resolving AOGs.
  • Misperceptions about the value of business aviation and ESG concerns can bring external pressure from investors, shareholders, and others to curtail flight operations.
  • New aircraft deliveries have years-long backlogs, while the preowned market no longer provides suitable alternatives, hampering internal expansion among operators that need more lift.

These corporate operators share one common need, according to Paramount Business Jets: On-call access to consistent and cost-effective, quality supplemental lift for their planned or unplanned needs – in essence, an auxiliary corporate air wing.

With deep experience arranging domestic and international charter operations, Paramount Business Jets, founded in 2005, crafted Corporate Wing Solutions as the answer. The corporate lift program blends elements of Paramount Business Jets’ tiered Jet Card membership, with benefits and rates tailored to each flight department’s usage and budget.

Paramount Business Jets’ jet cards have long featured among the most transparent pricing and lowest mark-ups over wholesale available in the industry, two qualities that corporate fleet operators will appreciate. The company provides clients with a copy of the invoice from operators for each flight, detailing the wholesale cost, line item charges, and commission, for complete pricing transparency.

Supplemental lift is sourced from a curated fleet of some 4,000 aircraft in Paramount Business Jets’ vetted network of fleet operators worldwide — a fleet large and diverse enough to meet any corporate lift need, but exclusive enough to ensure the quality of every aircraft. All operators are Argus Gold, or equivalent internationally.

The individual corporate lift plans are prepared following a consultation and evaluation of the operator’s supplemental lift needs, based on flight frequency, category of aircraft, routes, onboard equipment preferred, and other mission requirements.

“Today, outsourcing lift for times of maximum demand is often the most economical and reliable option,” said Zaher. “And we believe no other supplemental lift program is more responsive, transparent, or cost-effective than PBJ’s Corporate Wing Solutions.”

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