Prince of Travel Launches Online Store, Offering Exclusive Merchandise

VANCOUVER, BC, Feb. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Prince of Travel, the website dedicated to helping Canadians raise their travel game, is proud to announce the launch of a line of branded merchandise exclusive to Prince of Travel.

" has already helped thousands of Canadians travel more often, better, and cheaper," says founder Ricky. "These new products will allow loyal readers to show support for our mission through the purchase of Prince of Travel-branded merchandise."

Travel aficionados throughout Canada rely on Prince of Travel’s tips and advice to explore the world at a fraction of the cost. From maximizing travel rewards points and frequent flier miles to selecting the best credit card for their needs, loyal readers know they can count on Prince of Travel’s entertaining videos, informative blog posts, and detailed reviews to provide the knowledge they need to rack up points and see the world.

The Prince of Travel online store will feature exclusive merchandise made of the highest quality materials and prominently display the attractive Prince of Travel logo. At launch, customers will be able to purchase T-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, mugs, baggage tags, and socks all available in maroon or black.

"It’s always been my goal to teach consumers the best tricks for maximizing points and miles, show them my favourite spots around the globe, and inspire each and every one to travel more and better for cheaper," Ricky continues. "We believe loyal readers will find our branded merchandise both useful and enjoyable. We also have high hopes that these products will serve as effective conversation starters and raise awareness about Prince of Travel among their family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances."

To learn more or to shop at the online store, please visit Specific questions can be directed to the contact page or by joining the Prince of Travel Elites Facebook Group.

Some of the most satisfying and luxurious travel experiences can be virtually free, simply by maximizing travel rewards. Prince of Travel was founded to help Canadian consumers raise their travel game and inspire them to head out into the world and learn more about all it has to offer.

Prince of Travel is a popular online destination for those seeking advice and guidance when selecting the right credit card for their needs. Visitors seeking to maximize their credit card rewards and points game are encouraged to use the free dynamic tools offered on the Canadian credit card page.

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