RAVE Reviews Published Their List of the Best Coffee Shops in the Northeast and the Results Are Anything but Ordinary

RAVE’s Article on the 30 Best Coffee Shops in the Northeast Proves What We Already Know: Northerners Are Fanatical About Their Coffee. But We’ve Also Learned Something New, Too. This Area of the Country Has Become More Accustomed Than Ever to Unusual and Offbeat Flavors. 

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., March 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — RAVE Reviews, an independent, reader-supported website, has published its list of the 30 Best Coffee Shops in the Northeast, just in time for the long, cold winter. The list includes top-rated coffeehouses, cafes, and coffee shops from Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York, Maryland, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania. You can view the entire article on RAVE’s website.

Although Northerners are notoriously loyal to their beloved Dunkin Donuts, you won’t find any chain restaurants on RAVE’s list. Instead, RAVE’s editors dug deep to find out just where people from the Northeast stop to get their morning elixir.

It turns out, more people than ever are choosing small, independently owned cafes and coffeehouses to fuel up for the day. What’s more, Java purists (some who once scoffed at anything more than a black coffee in a paper cup) are trying quirky twists on old favorites and specialty lattes with names like the "Butterfinger."

RAVE’s list utilizes a 20-point scale for factors like nostalgia, popularity, cult following, destination, and scarcity, a methodology the publisher developed to rate the country’s best coffee shops, cafes, and coffeehouses. This Northeastern edition of the series includes an entire checklist of places you won’t want to miss the next time you’re in or around New England. The winners include:

  1. Westmarket Square Artisan Coffeehouse: Bangor, Maine
  2. Tandem Coffee Roasters Coffee + Bakery: Portland, Maine
  3. Speckled Axe: Portland, Maine
  4. St. Joe’s Cafe: Scarborough, Maine
  5. Wayfarer Coffee Roasters: Laconia, New Hampshire
  6. Lucky’s Coffee Garage: Lebanon, New Hampshire
  7. Bonhoeffer’s Cafe & Espresso: Nashua, New Hampshire
  8. Ashlawn Farm Coffee: Old Saybrook, Connecticut
  9. Giv Coffee: Canton, Connecticut
  10. Koffee?: New Haven, Connecticut
  11. Daily Planet Coffee Company: Buffalo, New York
  12. Gregory’s Coffee: New York, New York
  13. Birch Coffee: New York, New York
  14. Oslo Coffee Roasters: Brooklyn, New York
  15. Lenox Coffee: Harlem, New York
  16. Vigilante Coffee: Hyattsville, Maryland
  17. Rooster Moon Coffeehouse: Hagerstown, Maryland
  18. The Coffee Exchange: Providence, Rhode Island
  19. White Electric Coffee Co-op: Providence, Rhode Island
  20. Bolt Coffee Company: Providence, Rhode Island
  21. Liquid Art Coffeehouse & Eatery: Killington, Vermont
  22. Mocha Joe’s Roasting Company: Brattleboro, Vermont
  23. Small World Coffee: Princeton, New Jersey
  24. Empire Coffee & Tea Company: Hoboken, New Jersey
  25. Polcari’s Coffee: Boston, Massachusetts
  26. Thinking Cup: Boston, Massachusetts
  27. Nirvana Coffee Company: Barnstable, Massachusetts
  28. Biddle’s Escape: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  29. Northern Light Espresso Bar & Cafe: Scranton, Pennsylvania
  30. Old City Coffee: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

To read more about each of these impressive purveyors of fine coffee, check out the full article— 30 Best Coffee Shops in The Northeast.

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