Rush49 passes 13,000 Trustpilot Review Threshold

4.8 Rating stands out in ticketing industry that averages 3.7

LOS ANGELES, May 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — It is no secret that customers these days both depend on reviews when making purchases and use reviews to complain about subpar products or services. From restaurants and retail stores to Doctors and even Uber drivers, businesses have learned to live with negative reviews even in situations where they did nothing wrong. As a result, only a handful of businesses can maintain ratings above 4.0, and even fewer crack the 4.5 barrier. 

It is against this backdrop that Rush49 stands out. When a small business starts out and collects a handful of reviews, they are primarily from friends, family, and the first customers getting the service of an eager and excited team ready to ensure the greatest customer experience for all comers. As things settle into a routine, the number of transactions grow, and new ways for customers to feel mistreated are discovered, customer service ratings naturally drop. Rush49, however, has a much different story.

Launched as a startup in 2013 with a handful of adrenaline-based experiences to sell, Rush49 began to hit its stride as the place to go for savings on experiences ranging from skydiving and NASCAR ride-alongs to aquariums and theme parks. Since then, they have grown into a $7 Million a year business and rising, adding live events, conventions, and festivals to their roster for everything from music, food, beer, wine & spirits to cannabis, crypto, and Web3. Despite this expansion and rapid growth, Rush49 has never dipped below 4.8 in its Trustpilot ratings and shows no sign of slowing down.

Even as they move into Europe and Asia with some of the world’s largest Blockchain & Crypto events (including the Paris Blockchain Week Summit and Blockchain Oracle Summit Berlin), their commitment to white glove customer service is unwavering. In fact, their AI Concierge service is featured in a short form documentary to be carried on PBS this Fall. A teaser for this documentary aired on Fox Business Channel earlier this year.

"We have always seen our mission as first providing affordable access to great experiences for our customers, but also ensuring that our value does not end with the transaction," said Rush49 CEO Kumar Kotla. "We want to be involved all the way through the experience to make sure all of our customers get the most out of their purchase and that Rush49 does everything possible to provide them with memories and stories that will last a lifetime."

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