RV Rentals Company, Wallabing, is Emerging as One of the Fastest-Growing Innovative Companies in the RV Industry With Its Transformative Platform Connecting Owners and Renters

New Marketing Campaign Attracts more than 20,000 New Users in just two months, Demonstrating Significant Market Potential for the Plano, Texas-based company’s business and mission to streamline and redefine the RV ownership and rental experience

PLANO, Texas, Aug. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Driven by innovation, passion, and the timeless allure of the open road, Wallabing, (https://wallabing.com/ ), is emerging as a leading peer-to-peer RV rental company, connecting owners and renters and redefining the RV experience in the United States.

Since the launch of a new marketing campaign two months ago, Wallabing has seen a marked increase in user engagement, attracting more than 20,000 new users. The company’s recent consistent growth also showcases promising results, with the addition of a new listing every single day—marking a 5.6% listing growth in just one week. Overall, Wallabing has experienced a 162.9% increase in users over the past year.

Wallabing, no longer in its pre-revenue phase, has also seen its transactional figures soar, averaging an impressive $2.5K per transaction.

“Wallabing’s exponential growth speaks to the ongoing fascination and love for RV adventures,” said Jason Carlson, founder and CEO of Wallabing. “Our unwavering focus has always been to simplify the RV renting experience. This drive towards transparency, affordability, and memorable journeys has fueled our consistent growth in the market. The demand is undeniable, and with over 72 million Americans planning on RVing this summer, we’re in a prime position to redefine vacations, making them more exhilarating, affordable, and accessible than ever before.”

“Owners make more, renters pay less” is the simple but powerful concept at the core of the company’s forward-thinking business model.  Think of it as where wanderlust meets opportunity.

Seeking additional expansion and growth, Wallabing recently launched a Wefunder campaign, (https://wefunder.com/wallabing ), inviting investors to be part of its mission to transform and streamline the recreational vehicle landscape for owners and renters.

Wallabing is successfully tapping into a market filled with potential. Verified Market Research projects that the RV rental market is set to reach $810 million by 2028

Bringing owners and renters together in a platform providing value for each has fueled Wallabing’s rapid growth since launching in 2021. Through leveraging its unique team of 164 independent consultants able to assist owners and renters in 32 states, the company has increased its inventory by 682% in six months.

The top benefits and features of the Wallabing platform include:

  • Owners make more and renters pay less – Wallabing charges renters a low 10% fee based solely on the nightly rate, saving them 20-25 percent per trip. This is much lower than their competitors, which charge their fee based on the nightly rate and add-ons. Wallabing also never charges owners a fee to list and doesn’t take any commission or percentage of their earnings.
  • Free for Owners – Wallabing does not charge any fees to list or rent RVs or take any portion of earnings, providing a more rewarding experience for owners.
  • Best protection – Renters are required to purchase comprehensive insurance coverage, including liability and physical damage, ensuring peace of mind for both parties.
  • Giving back – Wallabing donates 10% of its net revenue to charity, looking to make a positive impact alongside its business operations.

You can also check out the company’s YouTube video here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GoB9yBw7rPo


Wallabing is a peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace connecting RV owners, renters, travelers, and wandering adventurers alike. For more information, please visit, https://wallabing.com/.

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